Friday, February 24, 2006

And the Goldbrick Award for the week goes to...

Hm. I need to write a looooonnng post in here to get Valentino to drop off the front page. I sort of pop in here, see that picture, and then my brain goes all to mush and I forget what I'm doing.

Instead, it's a short post. I'm in post-novel complete brain failure status. Don't have the desire to work on anything, and instead of forcing myself to work on a project -- any project! -- I've surrendered to laziness and the sweetness of doing nothing at all. And, of course, the perennial problem with doing that is how quickly I lose the discipline of daily writing. Which then just frustrates me. Sigh. No win situation.

Tomorrow, I write. Something. Anything! Tonight, however, I'm watching movies. William Holden movies. Of course, that's liable to be far more detrimental to my productivity than Valentino, but we'll see.

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