Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The right music for the right story

Also, realized yesterday that I was writing next to nothing recently because the music I had been listening to was not condusive to the particular stories I wanted to work on. So, I sat down and ran through my CDs looking for the right flavor. Settled instantly on a James Horner score, "The Missing," which seemed a highly illogical thing to pick for working on a couple of WWII war stories (particularly as I associate that score heavily with my second novel), but it turned out to be perfect. I needed despair and desperateness and NOBODY puts those emotions into music quite like Mr. Horner. And with that music playing, I slipped right out of this world and got writing.

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  1. I listened to stuff from "The Missing" for the Big Death Scene in Josey and also for lots of rewrite stuff on "Dying Like Men". Maybe I should turn back to it for the juicy emotions in those two parts in "Finders, Keepers." Although Goblet of Fire has been working for me pretty well for that story so far. But maybe I need an aural change. Hmm.