Friday, June 16, 2006

unfocussed brain

Hm, slumping into a non-productive writing phase. Grrr. This annoys me, but I just have no good words in my head right now. Part of this is because I know I'll be out and about this weekend with no possibility of writing, so I tend to start drifting in anticipation.

So, I'm opting to launch into full-on reading mode to recharge the language batteries. I've actually been reading quite a bit lately, but in small doses. I'm way behind in my F&SF and Realms of Fantasy magazine reading. Like several months behind, so there's tons of short stories to read... which will be good for that Garage Sale story coalescing in my brain. But, of course, last night I started a friend's novel first, and that was the end of any consideration towards those poor neglected shorts. :-D

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