Friday, February 29, 2008

Organizing the library

Long overdue, as I've been living in the new house for 6 months now, but I finally started organizing the books. I had just emptied boxes any old which way onto shelves, just to get the boxes out of the house. Now's the fun part. And naturally, I'm finding all sorts of books I want to read. Or re-read. But I'm still (still!!) reading "The Naked and the Dead" and I have promised myself I won't start anything new until I finally finish it, no matter how long it takes. I've decided it's just so very very dense that I can only take it in small doses before I have to process and think and mull things over. The second half has been better than the first (took us half a book, but we're finally out on patrol and there's some action... yeah, I'm shallow, but I need action in between everything else) and I'm really enjoying it now, it's just no popcorn read, that's for sure! Oddly, I think my favorite bits are the flashbacks, and that's because of his choice in observations of the people. Very fascinating.

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