Sunday, November 02, 2008

And nano has begun

1700 words on the first day, in fits and starts. Gave the book the temp title of "The Traitor" so I at least have something to call it. Today I spend most of the day babysitting my nephew, so I guess that means I'd better hop to it! Tea is brewing, music is playing (Goldsmith's Masada appears to be the kick-off score for this one).


  1. Woo!

    What's your daily word goal?

  2. Daily word goal is 1700 (more a bonus). I've finished all the previous nanos early, so I may just keep it slow and steady this time.

  3. You usually finish early??

    Goodness...I always procrastinate like crazy, then finish it up in the last week, miracle-style! ;)

    I haven't even checked my wordcount since day one or two. I'm just gonna float along thinking I'm doing fine...

    Or in other words: You be the ant, and I'll be the grasshopper... :)