Monday, February 16, 2009

Hollywood Collector's Show

So, tootled down to Burbank on Saturday to attend this show. It was quite fun. There's two parts - the vendors selling lots of cool movie stuff, and then the actors attending. It's also quite pricey, and so I only got one autograph. That was Malcolm McDowell's. I've liked him since I first saw Time After Time when it came out in the theaters. Best part of meeting him? Listening to his voice... it is so much richer and lovely in person than in a movie. Mmmmm.

The two unexpected highlights of the day were talking with Garrett Wang (played Harry Kim on Star Trek: Voyager) and Kevin Sorbo of Hercules fame. Both were very nice, down-to-earth, non-ego-y, and super easy and fun to talk to. For someone who's pretty shy like me, that's a very welcome thing! I had good long conversations with both of them and it was just very very cool.

There were quite a few others I wouldn't have minded talking to, but I simply had no clue what to say to them, so contented myself with exchanging smiles and head nods. The one I really would like to have met was Debbie Reynolds. She was ADORABLE!! Looked absolutely fabulous, like she hasn't changed in forty years, and was all smiles. But she arrived late, and by the time my family returned from lunch, she had already departed. That's the way it goes.


  1. I've always wanted to attend this event. I keep saying next time. I got to remember to right this down on my calendar! It sounds like fun.

  2. http://debbiereynolds.ning.com7:47 PM

    Debbie's the best!


  3. Anonymous9:29 AM

    "I only got one autograph. That was Malcolm McDowell's."

    *Is insanely jealous.*

  4. Robby - the next one is April 25, 26th. It did make for a fun day, that's for sure! If you decide to attend, maybe we can hook up and say hello to each other in person!


    Gloria - thanks for stopping by! I so wish I'd had a chance to meet her. She was so vivacious and full of energy!


    Tillane - if I'd known, I'd have snagged one for you too! Before the next show, I'll have you check the attendee list and see if there's any must-have autographs you'd like me to get for you. I would have done that this time, only between the business trip and the Tucson trip, I haven't been home much in the preceding three weeks to get my act together!

  5. Gloria7:49 PM

    DKoran....did you happen to snag any pics of Debbie....or did anyone else..would love to have them. You can reach me at! Thanks. I sure wish I lived in the LA area! LOL. I won't see DR till August.

  6. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Cheers, Deb! One of these days I'll have to make my way over to LA (and how many times have I said that...): you seem to have some seriously cool events over there - not to mention slightly better weather than over here! :-D

  7. How exciting!

    Glad you had fun. :)