Friday, May 29, 2009

Internet Amusement

This is a case where I should have left well enough alone... See, I did this online Mash thingy yesterday after Ginger did it, and I got Van Heflin, and it was a very nice, pleasant future indeed. But as I didn't grab a screenshot, and everyone else was posting theirs on their journal, so I thought I should do it again, and this time do it fairly and put in a (yuck) person (Victor Mature, for me... yuck yuck and yuck), and yuck locations, occupations, etc., instead of putting in everything all rosy and golden.

And this time, I got who I wanted to get the first time... Georgie! Except... one should never marry a gambler. Clearly, he has lost all our money, as... well, look:

A shack? a SHACK?? I get George Raft and our abode is a shack?? In Sicily, raising sheep and six kids, no less. That's it, I'm now in charge of the bank account. But! I did get the vehicle of my choice, as I do lurve those jeeps, and I'm living in the perfect kind of country to drive it too.


  1. Ha! That is so funny, I forgot about the shack option in MASH. At least it's a shack in Sicily and not a shack in New Jersey or something :) And after all, a shack with George Raft is better than a Mansion with Victor Mature!

  2. Amen to that! And it does declare it a "fabulous shack" - LOL!

  3. Oh, that's hilarious...a shack in Sicily, with six kids and a jeep. can come stay with me and Mr. Conte in the Spring, if you like. :)

    We can even go for a ride in the spaceship...pick up Kate and Dana, then throw Kate out the window. ;)


    Too bad you didn't hold onto Van...and with a covered wagon, too!

    Have you watched MADAME BOVARY yet??

    I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on that one.


    Also: I've been getting full credit for bringing this game to the film blog circle, but I actually swiped it from your Randolph Scott blog! :)

    I was feeling sad at the time, and thought it might cheer me up.

  4. You're on for that Spring visit! Hee. It really is too bad I lost Van. Sniff. Didn't I say on your blog that he was better husband material?? Speaking of "Madame Bovary," I'm feeling rather like Emma Bovary right now, deserting the same perfectly wonderful man for a handsome man and some glamour and excitement that apparently didn't last beyond the wild honeymoon. Sheep farming, indeed! (Actually, I was quite happy with the results from the first time I played this, the one posted on my other blog. :-D)

    And it is not my Randolph Scott blog. It's my Joel McCrea blog! Mr. Scott is just along for the ride. :-D

    I'm glad you found this MASH thing and got it going over here. It has been a lot of fun reading everyone's results. Sometimes, we just need a dose of wacky fantasy!

    I think I'm at least a couple film reviews behind... still haven't written about City of Conquest either. Need to do that this weekend.