Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Favorite Singing Actors

Favorite male actor singing voices. And I'm limiting this to movies only, otherwise opera singers would take over.

1. Dean Martin
2. Hoagy Carmichael
3. Bing Crosby
4. Howard Keel
5. Gordon MacRae
6. Fred Astaire
7. Bobby Darin
8. Frank Sinatra
9. Bill Lee
10. Frankie Laine

Okay, sort of cheating on the last two. Bill Lee did the singing for John Kerr in South Pacific and Christopher Plummer in Sound of Music, and I love his voice so much, I have to count him here, even though I don't actually know what he looks like! I just love his voice.

Frankie Laine didn't do any acting that I'm aware of (?), but there are quite a few movies that he's sung the theme song for, where the movie would not be the same without his singing, so that puts him on this list for me.

Everyone else is pretty self-explanatory, I would think. Dino's been my favorite popular singer for ages, so naturally he tops the list, and I love his acting too. Hoagy Carmichael makes any movie he's in better just by being there. Now Frank Sinatra... I like his singing when he's young (like in Anchors Aweigh, etc.), but I honestly prefer him as an actor to a singer. I really enjoy his acting performances.

Runners up - any time an actor who is not a singer really sings in their movies. I'd rather hear Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood sing any day of the week then listen to someone dub over them. I love Sean Connery's singing in Darby O'Gill and Dr. No. I love when George Raft and Gary Cooper sing in Souls at Sea. I don't really care if they're good or bad, I just love when actors knock out a few notes on their own.


  1. I love Deano in "Bells Are Ringing."

    Like you, I like Frank as an actor. But I also love him as a singer. He's my all-time fave.

    My grandmother used to love Howard Keel. In the 80's, he was on the TV show "Dallas," and my grandmother always used to say that she kept expecting him to burst into song. Every time he appeared on screen, she was ready for him to sing.

    What a fun post!!

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  3. Bobby! <3

    You're so right about Hoagy improving any movie. Love him so much in To Have and Have Not and Best Years of Our Lives.

    And like you with Frankie, as much as I love Dino's singing (and I do love him -- poss my 2nd fave solo artist), I love his effortless acting even more. The old smoothie.

    And I am in complete agreement with your last paragraph!