Sunday, December 11, 2011

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, da-de-da, de-da, delightful...

Christmas is fast approaching! Winter is my second favorite season, right behind Autumn. The colder temps makes me feel alive, and since my dog is a Siberian Husky, we go on a lot more walks this time of year than during summer. The deciduous trees are still yellow, gold, red, but losing their leaves fast, so you can see farther. I'm big on views, that's for sure. I need to see far and, right now, with the trees in back leafless, I have a view across the valley from my bedroom that I do not have in Spring and Summer. I love that view!

So, what about Christmas movies? My family was not all that big on Christmas movies, I have to admit. We had a few stalwarts, and the rest were pretty much ignored. I've still never seen movies like A Miracle on 34th Street. This is what happens when you grow up in a family that loves action movies... Christmas movies aren't exactly action-oriented, so they weren't put on the menu.

The following four movies were the four I saw on TV just about every Christmas season growing up:

1. Ben-Hur (1959)
2. Babes in Toyland (1934)
3. It's a Wonderful Life (1946)
4. The Bishop's Wife (1947)

We did not do Christmas specials, with the exception of the Star Wars Holiday Special. LOL! Much more recently (last five years) I got to see the following three, and now count them among my favorite Christmas movies.

5. Holiday Inn (1942)
6. We're No Angels (1955)
7. White Christmas (1954)

But... I can't even make 10 films. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Die Hard, which is set at Christmas. One of my favorite action movies of all times, but it's one I watch year round. I get no particular desire to see in December over July or April or any other month. Though I do start quoting it more this time of year, that's for sure! "

So, what have I been missing out on? Any Christmas movies I should put on my to-watch list?

(my Christmas tree this year)


  1. Warning...probably a long comment (which is typical for me!). You and I have so much in common some of the time, and at other times, we are as totally different as night and day. My favorite season is summer, with spring right behind. I totally detest winter. In fact, I begin going into depressive mode (Seasonal Affective Disorder) in about October, and it doesn't really let up until April. That, however, is because I'm a Florida gal currently residing in the Northwest. My blood (and my heart!) is totally all about Florida...sunshine, warmth, and fully-loaded green trees!! My adjustment to this climate has been beyond difficult, and, in fact, we are hoping to move back to the South.

    Your Christmas tree is beautiful!! I'm not even sure I'm putting my big tree up this year. My little beagle gets freaked out with out of the ordinary things, and a tree in the house is definitely out of the ordinary, so I'm leaning to using my little 3-foot table-top tree.

    I grew up in a family that wasn't big on Christmas movies either. I think the only thing I ever watched was Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer and The Grinch. I developed my own traditions in my own family, and we have been doing "It's a Wonderful Life" Christmas night since about 2002. It wouldn't be Christmas without it.

    Ben-Hur is an Easter tradition for our family.

    I do love "The Bishop's Wife" and "White Christmas" at Christmas time as well. Also, "Remember the Night," with Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray (I hope to review it this week), "Christmas in Connecticut," (which we enjoyed last night), with Barbara Stanwyck and Dennis Morgan, "Holiday Affair," with Robert Mitchum, Janet Leigh, and Wendell Corey. We also love "The Nativity Story," which is a 2000's movie. That movie is our Christmas Eve tradition.

    Okay, sorry for rambling. Hope you're having a great day.

    Oh, forgot to say, our family thinks "We're No Angels" is hilarious. Bogey, Ray, and Ustinov played off of one another SO well.

  2. Seasonal Affective Disorder is nothing to laugh at, and I know others who suffer from that. I'm fortunate in that it doesn't bother me. I seem to love the seasons in the other I first experienced them! Born in October, Autumn is my favorite, followed by Winter, Spring, and then Summer. There's good points to all seasons, but I'm not fond of heat, so Summer just makes me want to sleep until it's over.

    The Northwest is a huge difference from Florida, that's for sure. I do hope you get back South.

    Thanks for the compliment on the tree! I put up my tree early this year, just so I could enjoy it as long as possible this year. December seems to rush by sooooo fast. I will see if I can check out the other Christmas movies you mention. Thanks!

  3. The last few years, the Patrick Stewart version of "A Christmas Carol" has been a staple for me. But since you don't care much for the story, that's not helpful, is it? Looking at my collection, the only one you haven't mentioned that I own is "The Santa Clause." Not a yearly ritual, though. And I just realized that neither "We're No Angels" nor "While You Were Sleeping" are in my Christmas section, they're both in Comedy even though they're set during Christmas. Hmm.