Thursday, September 20, 2007

Getting back in the game

It helps to spend an hour figuring out your finances for the rest of the year, and realizing you will be worse than flat broke.

So. It will help, even a little bit, to start earning money for my writing again. So, I did a quickie look-see of my short stories and found all except one in need of serious rewrites. Cruised Ralan to see who takes reprints, found one that may be a nice fit, and sent it right off.

Tonight, I will do a serious evaluation of the various drafts of stories and see which ones are actually worthy of being sent out. My current goal is to work on shorts through the end of this weekend, complete and send out as many as possible. After that... it's on to the big stuff. DTD. No excuse not to finish the final draft and get it out the door.

And this means nano's out this year. The last thing I need to do right now is start a new novel, when I've got three completed and just in need of revisions. When those are revised and out the door, then I can both finish Variance and start the new one. Not until then.

And that's also the end of my fanfic run... I was just revving up on MM too, but I can't spend time on it any more. Not right now. Maybe after I get some more stuff out the door, I can slip in a few hours a week on it.


  1. Anonymous6:40 PM

    GASP!! No MM?? It's a world gone mad!! LOL No, seriously, best of luck in, well, everything. I s'pose I can wait for something melodious for a while longer....maybe.....But I also know that it will be well worth the wait!!


  2. Aw, tanks! Life's just a little tough and a lot scary right now. I'll try not to let it languish too long.

  3. And this means nano's out this year.

    Sigh. Just going to blog about this myself. It's odd, because for the last like 7 months I've been planning on NOT doing nano, but now that registration opens in a week, and I see it written on my calendar, I suddenly really wanna do it. And I know it's just not gonna be feasible (or at least I'm assuming not). And now I'm all pouty about not getting to do something I wasn't planning on doing anyway. Grr.