Sunday, March 28, 2021

The Fandom Tag

I'm stealing this from Hamlette, even though I wasn't tagged, cuz it looked like a lot of fun.  I'm also not tagging anyone for the same reason... I'm just a backdoor tag-answerer.


1.  Include the graphic somewhere in your post!
2.  Answer the questions!
3.  Tag two fellow fandom fanatics!


What’s the first fandom you remember becoming a part of?  

Star Wars in 1977.  Oh, there were television shows before that I now know had groups of fans, but at the time, I thought they were just something my own family loved and watched.  There was no sense of fandom.  It was only when Star Wars came out that I personally became aware of how many fans there were out there for the movie. 

What’s the newest fandom you’ve come to enjoy? 
Queen.  I mean I've always liked a few of their songs (and that they had a Roger Taylor who was also a drummer, just like my Roger Taylor from Duran Duran), but it wasn't until Bohemian Rhapsody came out that I truly became a fan, learned all about the band, bought various albums and a Queen hoodie to wear, discovered all kinds of new-to-me songs, etc.  John Deacon's my favorite band member.

What’s a fandom guaranteed to give you feels? 
My music fandoms:  Opera and orchestral soundtracks.  Nothing hits my emotions harder or faster than an opera or soundtrack I love.  (ie: 2:50-4:30 from this cue...)

What’s a guilty pleasure fandom of yours? 
Nah, I don't feel guilty for loving something.  If something made me truly feel guilty, I wouldn't enjoy it.
What’s the weirdest fandom you’ve heard of/are a part of? 
I really don't know any weird fandoms, soooooo, not sure how to answer this.

Favorite popular/widely-known fandom? 
MCU.  The Marvel movies (and now WandaVision in the series area) have given me so much pleasure over the years.  Spending time with most of these characters just makes me exceedingly happy.  Even the movies that aren't my personal favorites are still very well done.
Favorite bookish fandom? 
The Atlantis Grail series by Vera Nazarian.  It's the only book series for which I joined a FB group in order to follow and talk about the stories/characters with other like-minded fans.  I binge-read the entire series in 4 or 5 days.  The author just released a novella about one of the main characters, and I devoured that in an afternoon.
What do you consider your ‘homebase,’ a fandom you can always come back to? 
Duran Duran.  They say that what you obsess over in your teen/high school years is what you will always go back to, and so far, I've found that's pretty true.  The movies I loved then, and more importantly, the music.  Growing up in a classical-music-only household, living through the Duran Duran craze changed my life.  No internet back then, so I really had to rely on friends who were also obsessed fans to bring me the latest magazines, watch MTV at their houses to catch the videos, etc.  My first completed novel was a Duran Duran adventure novel (a la the Beatles Help!), so the band was instrumental (hah!) in getting me to reach The End on a long writing project.   So yeah, the band members and their songs and their 80's videos will always put me in a happy, homebase comfort zone.

What’s a fandom you know all about…but aren’t actually into it? 
Harry Potter.  I've read the books, seen the movies, but the series really doesn't do anything for me.  I like the characters, but don't love them.  I even donated all my copies of the books to the library cuz I knew I'd never re-read them.
Which fandom has the best characters? 
Combat! (1962-1965).  Saunders, Hanley, Kirby, Caje, Littlejohn, Doc, Billy, even all the secondary and guest characters represent, hands-down, the best set of characters.
Name your all-time favorite ship. 
That darned "ship" question.   I hate this question cuz I just don't "ship" characters.
However, I don't know if they're my all-time favorite, but Nick and Nora Charles are just meant to be.

What’s a fandom you’re curious about joining

And there we have it.  Feel free to play along if you haven't been tagged and want to join in on sharing your favorite fandoms!

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

We Love Pirates Week Party -- Blog Tag!

 Hamlette is hosting the We Love Pirates Week.  Check out the link for lots of fun stuff, including a giveaway, some quizzes, and lots of other reviews, etc.

Here are my answers to her tag questions:
1.  What are your favorite pirate movies or books?
Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)
The Adventures of Tin-Tin (2011)
Cutthroat Island (1995)
The Black Swan (1942)
Captain Blood (1935) 
2.  Who are your favorite fictional pirates?
1. Red Rackham (Daniel Craig, The Adventures of Tin-Tin, 2011)
2. Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, 2003)
3. Morgan Adams (Geena Davis, Cutthroat Island, 1995)
4. Jamie Boy (Tyrone Power, The Black Swan, 1942)
3.  What do you like best about pirate stories? (Themes, costumes, aesthetic, etc.)
Sword fights!  The Ships! The costumes!  Sword fights!  Floggings!  Walking the plank!  Treasure and maps to said treasure.  Did I mention sword fights?

 4.  If you were going to play a pirate on the stage or screen, what would your costume look like?
Any of Morgan Adam's outfits.  I love her costumes and I covet those boots.
5.  What pirate ship would you like to serve on?
The Morning Star, Morgan Adam's ship in Cutthroat Island.
6.  Any favorite sea shanties or pirate songs?
Many!   I particularly love "A Rovin'" and "Early in the Morning," which is the Drunken Sailor song.  Also, of course, Yo Ho Yo Ho a Pirate's Life for me!

7.  Have you ever participated in International Talk Like a Pirate Day?
Passingly, with a quick arrrr if somebody reminds me of what day it is.
8.  Would you like to go sailing on a real tall ship?
Only if I was shanghaied.  And I would jump ship in Tahiti or somewhere in the South Pacific first chance I got.  Submarines are my thing.  Not overly fond of being on top of the waves.
9.  Have you ever learned anything about real pirates, or do you tend to stick to the fictional kind?
Yes.  I'll stick with the fictional ones, thank you.
10.  Why is the rum gone?

Silver drank it all.


Monday, January 18, 2021

2020 - Favorite Films

I thought I'd send 2020 on its way with a list of the 5 new-to-me movies I most enjoyed last year.  Interestingly, these are all new movies.  That's rather unusual. I watched a fair amount of classic movies last year, but none grabbed me.

5. Terminator: Dark Fate

I'd wanted to see this one when it came out, but just never had a chance to make it to the theater.  I watched it on Amazon Prime and loved it.  Yes, its plot is basically Terminator all over again, but that didn't bother me.  This movie is a direct sequel to Terminator 2, disregarding all those other movies, and I loved that.  It came back to the characters and situations I loved about the first two movies.  Having Linda Hamilton back was awesome.  She rocked.  So did Arnold.  But most of all, I have discovered Mackenzie Davis.  I adored her!  She was wonderful, and she made the movie for me.

4. Frozen 2

One of the very few movies I saw in the theater last year, when it came to the discount theater.  No one in my family liked this one but me.  They love the first movie.  I had the opposite reaction.  I like the first one, but don't love it.  This is the one that spoke to me and really hit my sweet spot points.  I loved the songs more, I loved the characters more, I loved the plot, the scenery, basically everything...  This one just works for me.  I can't say I was much of an Anna fan before, but here, her arc was amazing, and I was so happy with where she ended up.  

3. Onward

This Pixar movie was so much fun, not at all what the previews seemed to make it out to be about.  I loved all the characters, really related to the sibling relationship, and cried at the end.  This one goes up high on my personal favorites list of Pixar films.

2. 1917

Another of the few movies seen in the theater, and one I saw more than once in the theater.  I loved everything about this movie.  So well-done, so powerful, so moving, and the score is my favorite score I bought last year.  

1.  Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

This movie is my favorite movie of last year, and I know, that seems absolutely crazy.  This is not a movie I suspect anyone who knows me would think I would watch, let alone love so much I've watched it multiple times.  It's my most re-watched movie last year.  Whenever I needed a pick-me-up, I put this on.  There are so many reasons this shouldn't have worked for me.  I'm not a Will Ferrell fan.  I'm not a modern music fan.  I'm not even a Rachel McAdams fan.  Nor a Pierce Brosnan fan.  But this movie is magic.  This movie is gold.  Are there a few moments of crude humor I could have done without?  Yeah... but they didn't detract enough to matter.  I loved Will Ferrell and loved Rachel McAdams.  They were perfect and wonderful together, and who thought I'd ever love Will Ferrell in anything?  The songs are great, and it was freaking WEEKS before I could get Ja Ja Ding Dong or Double Trouble out of my head.  Probably just mentioning them here is going to get them stuck all over again.  Biggest earworms of last year.  The movie was uplifting in just the way I needed in the middle of 2020, and I will continue revisiting this movie whenever I need something happy to watch.

Sunday, November 01, 2020

November 1st

Well, we've reached November.  Here's an update in pictures...

We had gorgeous fall color here...


Until the first, early snow of the season killed all the color....

I adopted two kittens, a pair of siblings



Sleeping kittens

And I lost my 16-year-old Elanor to kidney failure.

Elanor on right, Jack (her brother) on left

Life goes on.
Tonio is a shoulder cat! Yay!


Saturday, October 31, 2020

Sean Connery (1930-2020)

I am deeply saddened by the news this morning that Sir Sean Connery has passed away.  He has given the pubic so many great roles and movies over his career.  The Untouchables, The Wind and the Lion, The Hunt for Red October, Outland, Darby O'Gill and the Little People, and, of course, his James Bond films are all much loved movies I will never tire of watching.  My thoughts go out to his family and friends.  RIP, and thank you for leaving such a legacy behind.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

My Favorite Star Wars ships (space ships, that is)

I love ships.  Physical ships, that is.  I don't "ship" characters.  Either a relationship happens in a movie/show/book or it doesn't.  I don't EVER wish two characters who don't get together would get together.  But a physical seagoing or aircraft or space-traveling craft can be a thing of sheer beauty, and I love them immensely.  The Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea was probably the first ship I fell in love with.  Followed by Seaview (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea).  Followed by the Romulan Bird of Prey and the original Klingon ship design from Star Trek.

Then Star Wars came out, and the ships that movie introduced me to are still my favorite space-traveling ships to this day.  The Falcon, TIE Fighters, and original Star Destroyers all rocked my world and have never been surpassed.  

So, favorite ships?  These:

#1.  The Falcon


#2.   TIE Fighters from the original trilogy

#3.   Star Destroyers from the original trilogy


#4.  Poe's X-Wing in The Force Awakens

#5.  Obi-Wan's Jedi Star Fighter in Revenge of the Sith

#6.  Krennic's shuttle in Rogue One.

How do you know I love all of these?  Besides the fact that I said so?  I have them all as models or toys (and only these).  I still have the large Millennium Falcon and TIE Fighter toys (large enough to hold action figures) my parents got me in 1979, I have a Star Destroyer model still in the original box (never put together, though, cuz I have zero patience for building models) from 1980.  Those are stored in boxes in the garage.  

However, my Obi-Wan's Jedi Star Fighter is displayed on my shelf in the library, and Poe's X-Wing sits under my monitor at my work computer desk where I can look at them daily.  I also have a little TIE fighter from Force Awakens that matches Poe's X-Wing in size, and it is displayed on one of my DVD shelves.  Krennic's shuttle is the only one I love and don't own, and that's only because I never found a version of it for sale that I liked.  I will hopefully remedy that some day.

This is another, quite spontaneously written, post for the Everything Star Wars blogathon hosted by Coffee, Classics, and Craziness and I'm Charles Baker Harris (And I Can Read).

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Star Wars: Rebels - Favorite episodes

Star Wars: Rebels came out in 2014, back when my family was still getting cable tv, so I was able to go to their house and we watched each season as it aired.  We had not really been interested in the Clone Wars animated series at the time, but the Rebels trailers were intriguing, and we got sucked into the show.  The half hour episodes made it a nice, show easy to watch, and we liked that it was set before A New Hope.  


I ended up rewatching the entire series after the first season of The Mandalorian ended, because there was so much from Rebels that appeared in The Mandalorian.  Seeing a live-action Loth cat was awesome.  Seeing the dark saber made me literally cheer out loud.  Seeing live troop carriers in the Rebels design was thrilling.  Seeing live blurrg!  The Mandalorian just increased my Rebels love ten fold.

So, what appealed to me about Rebels?  The characters, of course, always come first.  I love these characters, though I still have a hard time with Ezra in the early seasons.  The kid just doesn't listen!  I want to slap him.  I didn't start actually liking him until he eventually matures in the fourth season.  Finally, he came into his own, and then I was able to appreciate him.  My favorite characters of the Ghost crew were always Kanan and Sabine, but when I rewatched the show earlier this year, Hera jumped up higher on the list.  And Zeb is amusing.

But as much as I like our heroes, my favorite character has been, and always will be, Agent Kallus.  I adore Kallus.  He ranks high on my top favorite Star Wars characters of all time list.  I'm a sucker for a redemption arc, and he has a good one.  He's a smart adversary and I just dig him.

Which brings me to my favorite episodes.  None of the first season episodes make my favorite list.  As with most shows, it was still finding its footing in the first season, the characters were still settling in.  All the meaty stuff was still to come.  That said, the season one finale is probably my favorite episode of season one.  Which is part of a trend, as you'll see, because each season's finale show is pretty darned spectacular.

Fave episodes: 

#1.  “A Fool’s Hope” and “Family Reunion and Farewell” (season 4 series finale)

These two eps roll right into each other, so it’s hard to separate them.  Not only are they the best eps of season four, but they are the best eps of the entire series.  They’re also the very last eps, not just the season finale, but the series finale.  Everything that was set up over the four seasons comes to a head here.  Characters reappear, characters we’ve been waiting to face off against each other finally face off.  The Loth-Wolves are awesome as always, and instrumental in events.  Everything resolves Just So.  After getting next to no Kallus in season four, he finally gets to do a lot.  These last eps are just plain great.  (This series finale is not something you can cheat and just watch without having seen everything that came before, though. What makes it so fantastic is the payoff after the build-up to get there.)

#2.  “The Honorable Ones” (season 2) – A Kallus episode, is anyone surprised?  Kallus and Zeb are stranded and forced to work together to survive.  It's one of my favorite themes – enemies who have to put aside their differences to make it out of some life-threatening situation.  This ep is really well done and marks a turning point in Kallus’s arc. 

#3.  "Twilight of the Apprentice" (season 2 finale) – Without plot spoilers, this episode features Darth Maul, Darth Vader, Ashoka, Kanan, Ezra, Inquisitors... all facing off on an ancient Sith world.  This season two finale has it all.  Love it. 

#4.  "Zero Hour" (season 3 finale) – Surprise, surprise... another season finale makes my favorite list.  Admiral Thrawn arrives to wipe everyone out, the Bendu gets to shine, and I’ve never adored Kallus more.  

#5.  "Twin Suns" (season 3)  – I love this ep solely because of Obi-Wan and Darth Maul.  Ezra's disobeying orders as usual.

 Runners up:

"Heroes of Mandalore"
"Through Imperial Eyes"
"Fire Across the Galaxy"
"Blood Sisters"

There are plenty of guest appearances by familiar Star Wars faces.  Princess Leia, C3PO and R2, Mon Mothma, Tarkin, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, and Obi-Wan all appear.  Some characters from the Clone Wars also get some good parts, like Saw Gerrera, Bo-Katan, and, of course, Ahsoka.  

This has been an entry in the Everything Star Wars Blogathon, hosted by Eva and Katie.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

2020 Tolkien Party Tag

It's time for the 8th annual Tolkien blog party, hosted by Hamlette.  Here are my answers to the tag questions:

1. What Tolkien character do you think you're the most like?

In the books, one of the unnamed Dunedain rangers.

In the movies, Fili

 2. What Tolkien character do you wish you were more like?


3. What would your dream home in Middle-earth be like?

Beorn's home from the movies.  Love the isolated location, love the terrain, love the house itself. 


4. You get to make a movie of the story of Beren and Luthien!  Who do you cast as the leads?

This is an ancient tale, so I believe it would be the coolest if it had been made back in the day as a silent movie.  When you read the version in the Silmarillion, it reads rather like a silent movie with occasional dialogue that would be perfect as dialogue cards.  And so, I would cast Ramon Navarro as Beren and Maude Fealey as Luthien, (with Rudolph Valentino playing Thingol, cuz Valentino just needs to play an elf).

(If I did have to make the movie today, I'd cast Dominic West as Beren and Rebecca Ferguson as Luthien...but I prefer the silent movie version.)

5. Have you ever marathoned the LOTR or Hobbit movies?

Yes, both.

6. Do you have a favorite song or track from the movie soundtracks by Howard Shore?

Multiple, but I'll go with "The Lighting of the Beacons" from the complete recording of Return of the King.

7. Which of Tolkien's characters would you like to be best friends with?

Elrond, specifically from the Hobbit movies.

8. Who of the people in your real life would you want in your company if you had to take the ring to Mordor?

Hamlette and Cowboy, my sister, her husband, and my nephew, Doc B, and three of my co-workers:  HR, AB, and JT.

 9. Have you read any of Tolkien's non-Middle-earth works?


10. Is there a book by Tolkien you haven't read yet, but want to?


Friday, August 21, 2020

Legends of Western Cinema Week 2020 Tag

It's Legends of Western Cinema Week, hosted by Hamlette's Soliloquy and Along the Brandywine.

Here are their questions for this year's event.  I found some of these quite hard to answer, so it took me all week to figure out responses.

1. What's the last western you watched?
Custer of the West, (1967).  Still in the middle of it actually.  It's an interesting movie, but it's taking me awhile to work through cuz it's not that interesting.  Last completed western would be The Lone Ranger (2013).

2. A western of any stripe (happy or tragic) where you were highly satisfied by the ending?
I'm not quite sure what this question is looking for, cuz every single one of my favorite Westerns obviously meet this criteria.  A highly satisfactory ending is critical to me loving a Western (or any movie).  Let's go with For a Few Dollars More, because it's one I haven't really talked about, and the ending, both the finale and the wrap up are awesome.

3. The funniest western you've seen?
Cat Ballou or Rango, I guess?  Depends on my humor mood.  Both make me laugh throughout.

4. What similar elements/themes show up in your favorite westerns?
Ack, this question is too much like school work.  Okay, fine.  I like a lot of end-of-the-West movies, where the old-fashioned cowboy heroes/lawmen are outdated/no longer needed/wanted. Or just Westerns set in the early 1900s, like Big Jake, Ride the High Country, The Wild Bunch, The Professionals...  Lonely Are the Brave fits that theme too, even if it's set in more modern times. 

5. Favorite actress who made 1 or more westerns?
Barbara Stanwyck

6. Favorite western hero/sidekick pairing?
Sam Boone and Whit (Robert Pernell and James Coburn) in Ride Lonesome.(1959)Their relationship is my favorite part of this movie and I adore how Whit follows Boone around, always deferring to him. Their partnership conversation at the end is one of my favorite moments and never fails to make me grin in sheer delight.

7. Scariest villain/antagonist in a Western?
Liberty Valance (Lee Marvin) in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance or Grimes (Richard Boone) in Hombre.

8. Favorite romance in a western?
None?  Romance isn't my thing.  None stand out to me.  Okay, one does:  Matthew Quigley and Cora in Quigley Down Under

9. Three of your favorite westerns?
Big Jake, Hour of the Gun, The Lone Ranger (2013)

10. Share one (or several!) of your favorite quotes from a western.
Since this was asked last year, I'm going to try to avoid repeating all my favorites already listed and try to find new ones, which is rather hard.  So, I'm going to cheat and go with my nephew's two favorite quotes from Westerns that the two of us say to each other constantly.

"What's that? NOTHING!" - John Reid, The Lone Ranger (2013)
"You son of a---*timely hawk screech interrupts* - Toad in Rango.

Saturday, June 06, 2020

I apologize for not posting anything in months.  I appear to have nothing to say lately.  No words at all, nothing to offer, nothing to share.  I should look for some tags or something.  I'm safe, my family is safe.  In fact, very little changed for me, as I already worked from home.  My daily routine stayed basically the same.  A grocery store trip once a month instead of once or twice a week, but that's about the only difference.  I don't live in a big city, so I never had to stop walking my dog daily or anything like that.  I hope everyone stays safe and sane while the world continues to go bonkers.

I have not been watching many movies.  A few here and there.  Mostly I've been watching South Korean dramas on Netflix.  As most of these shows run a minimum of 12 eps, and usually 18... that's a lot of hours per show, which keeps me nicely occupied.  I suppose I could review the ones I've seen... but I can't seem to muster the energy, and I'm not sure anyone cares.  I will say my two favorites so far have been Memories of the Alhambra (2018) and Tunnel (2017).  I burned through both of those shows in ridiculously short times. The first is about an augmented reality game that bleeds over into real life.  I always liked the song "Memories of the Alhambra," but now, if it ever starts playing during a thunderstorm, I'm liable to freak out. It's such a lovely song, and I LOVE the frightening context it took on.  Good stuff.  The second show is about a cop who accidentally travels through time while pursuing a serial killer.  I love time travel stuff, and this was a great show.  I loved the characters, loved seeing how the police in a different country work on a case, loved watching the lead try to adjust to the current year after jumping forward from the 80s.

Other than that, daylight hours are mostly spent outside doing yardwork.  Pulling weeds daily, mowing and edging twice a week. I put a small garden in this year, with more than just my normal tomatoes.  If stuff grows well, I will expand the area next year.

My aspen grove with lupines and Silver
No sunlight, so these look washed out, but they're pink, with a yellow lupine in the background.  I had a deep maroon one, which was my favorite, but Silver dug it up when it was just coming back, and it didn't survive.  Sigh.
The purple lupine

Saturday, February 01, 2020

The Never have I ever Writing Tag

1.  Link to and thank the blogger who tagged you. (Thanks, Hamlette!)
2.  Include the graphic somewhere in your post (or make your own!)
3.  Answer the questions truthfully and honestly.
4.  Tag 3 bloggers.

Never Have I Ever…

…started a novel that I did not finish.

hahaha.  Of course I have!  I've started many a novel that I didn't finish for all kinds of reasons.

…written a story completely by hand.

Many. Oh so blooming many stories.  Also a whole novel, and several half-finished novels.  Mostly, all this question does is date me.  There were no computers when I started writing.  I grew up writing everything by hand.  And then editing, and then re-writing it neatly by hand.  And it takes a very long time to copy an entire novel neatly and cleanly in cursive by hand, let me tell you.  And then, if it was important enough, possibly typing it up on an old typewriter.  Which also takes a long time because when you messed up, you'd have to type that page over.  So yeah, basically every story and novel I wrote through college (including all stories and essays for coursework) was handwritten first.

…changed tenses midway through a story.

…changed my protagonist’s name halfway through a draft.
No. (or if I ever did, I don't remember it now.)

…written a story in a month or less.
A story?  Sure, many many stories were written in way less than a month.  A complete novel in less than month?  No.  Three months is the fastest I ever completed an entire novel.

…fallen asleep while writing.
No.  This is a very strange question.  Do people actually fall asleep while actively doing things?

…corrected someone’s grammar irl/online.
Rarely, but sometimes I can't stand it anymore.  Like people who use in regards to instead of regarding.  And misusing nauseous when they mean nauseated.  But only in real life, not online.  I tend to say very little online.

…yelled in all caps at myself in the middle of a novel.
Of course.  Usually of the "FIX THIS LATER" variety.

…killed a character who was based off someone I know in real life.
No.  I don't base characters off anyone I know.  Fiction and real life are two very separate things.  I write fiction to escape real life.  I'm sure as little fishes not going to put anything or anyone remotely reminiscent of my own real life in there.  That would defeat the purpose!

…used pop culture references in a story.
No.  I tend to write scifi/fantasy and that doesn't lend itself to pop culture references.  I would feel weird referencing other things anyway.

…not researched anything before starting a story.
Like nothing at all?  Not character background or world or anything?  No.  I have to know something, even a minimal something.

…used “I’m writing” as an excuse.

…written between the hours of 1 a.m. and 6 a.m.
Very rarely and really only during college when something was due the next morning.  I am not that kind of a night owl.  Them's sleeping hours!

…drank an entire pot of coffee while writing.
No.  I don't drink coffee.  But I have been known to drink multiple pots of tea while writing. 

…laughed like an evil villain while writing a scene.
Occasionally, though not as often as you might think.  I tend not to write as a writer, so if I'm laughing like an evil villain while writing a scene, it's because my evil villain is actually laughing in that scene. 

…written down dreams to use in potential novels.
I used to.  Had one completed novel's premise come entirely from a dream.

…published an unedited story on the internet/Wattpad/blog.

…procrastinated homework because I wanted to write.
Thank goodness homework is so far behind me, but yeah, back in the day, of course.  Constantly.  I did just about anything to procrastinate doing homework until the last possible moment, but writing was the most fun excuse.

…typed so long that my wrists hurt.
Only back before I had an ergonomic keyboard.

…spilled a drink on my laptop while writing.

…forgotten to save my work/draft.
Only really back in the early days when computers didn't autosave stuff.  It was one of my primary complaints against computers when I first started using one... if you didn't save or something happened your work was gone for good. Handwriting was clearly the superior choice because your words couldn't be swallowed by the ether.  Yeah.  Nowadays, I hit ctrl-s every other minute, it seems.

…finished a novel.
Yes, several.

…cried while writing a scene.
Yes, though not as often as you might think, given how many beloved characters I've killed off over the years. Usually, I get gutwrenched, but not teary.  But I did bawl when I wrote the ending of one of my novels, "While Gods Lie Dreaming."  And I cried all through writing the ending of my novella, "A Frost of Bones."

…created maps of my fictional worlds.
(one of my novel's maps)

…researched something shady for a novel.
I don't know about shady, but stuff about murders and weapons, sure.

And there you have it.  I'm afraid I'm not going to tag anyone, cuz they people I would tag are already tagged.  But, snag if you want to!