Monday, June 18, 2012

Nothing new

Well, I'm afraid I have nothing exciting to report.  Still catching The Avengers in the theater.  Still in an Avengers mood.  Still not remotely in the mood for anything else.  But it's very pleasant to have something new to obsess over for awhile.  Although, musically, I've been mostly listening  to the score to Warning Shot (1967) by Jerry Goldsmith.  What a relief this score is to me right now.  I had been listening to Alan Silvestri's score for Avengers pretty much non-stop, which I honestly do enjoy and still crave, but other than when the theme kicks into gear and the helicarrier cue, there's not much else to hang onto musically or sing to yourself.  The score works great in the movie and there's some very nice parts to some of the cues, and really, I am truly and utterly thankful Avengers was scored by somebody competent who understands what a score is supposed to do.  But I was randomizing my iTunes the other day and some Goldsmith and Bernstein cues came on, and the difference musically between those older scores and even the entertaining and solid Avengers score is night and day.

And I mourned all over again a world where I can't look forward to a new movie coming out this summer with a Goldsmith score.  With great orchestration and melodies to spare. 

But at least, there are still some older movies I'm not familiar with whose scores are still being released, and Warning Shot is one of those.  I'm extremely fond of Goldsmith's 1960's scores, and the main theme of Warning Shot reminds me of his music for the Flint films which is some of my all-time favorite listening material, so I've been really enjoying this score as a change of pace.  And as a reminder of how brilliantly talented the man was.  I can't even express in words how I miss him, how his death eight years ago still hurts, how that hole can never be filled.  But he left behind a legacy of some of the best music ever written, and that's what I'm enjoying tonight.