Sunday, September 26, 2010

Not fond of change when none was necessary

What the heck? IMDb has changed their page format from easy-to-read to stupid-and-annoying to read. Where you used to see everything on one page, now you have to click on the "more credits" button (on multiple sections) to get to the rest. Which you have to scroll down to find first. And there is a preponderance of pictures and images that space things out so much you're scrolling downwards forever. What, people can't read any more? Everything has to be visual?

So, one of my favorite and most frequently visited websites for info has become one of my least favorite to navigate. Thanks, guys.


  1. I don't like it either. Very bad design.

  2. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Haven't been over to IMDb in a while - well, I hadn't until I read your post, anyway. You're right. It's a mess.

  3. My daughter saw this new format a few days ago, but it didn't show up on my computer until yesterday (and then flipped back for a while to the old format). She says it's a "rolling changeover" or something.

    I agree, it's just awful. You have to spend so much time scrolling down, and if you want to check categories I often look at, like Locations or Soundtrack, you have to scroll clear to the bottom now instead of using links in the sidebar.

    I hope IMDb will realize this is the equivalent of "New Coke" and let us keep the efficient IMDb we've always known. I wonder if there's anywhere we can write to share our feedback?

    Bets wishes,

  4. Thank you. I thought it might be me. The format is awful. I hope the various complaints which I have across precipitate a change. Best. Gerald.

  5. Well, all is not lost! Looks like the format can be reset to the old way, you just have to have an account. Then under the profile setting, you can change it to the reference view, and this will reset it back to the way it was. Whew!

    Thanks to Laura for writing it up in her blog!