Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Brick wall downgraded to roadblock

Okay, ask the question enough times in enough ways and... I got half the answer I needed. Half. The easier half. Not the part I really really need. This is normally the point where, in sheer frustration, I turn to my muses and ask for assistance. Except I've been here done that and know the response I would get. If he even bothered to respond at all, #2 would just tell me I already have all the info I need, so stop wasting his time and figure it out already. And so I don't ask because I'm as stubborn as he is, and I refuse to give him the satisfaction of saying I told you so later. Again.

I do have everything I need. I know that. I just can't seem to jam the puzzle pieces together in the correct order, and I don't see why a nudge in the right direction would be out of order. Hmph.

Time to find yet another way to phrase the burning question.

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