Friday, June 09, 2006

Running hot, straight, and normal

So, I've been challenged to come up with an entry for Anotherealm's "Garage Sale" flash fiction contest... and what does my mind do? Goes off on submarines. "Why, yes, those are Mark 18 electric torpedoes in the racks over there in the back of the garage... did you need one? Moat defense, perhaps?" er... maybe not.


  1. You're forgetting your Sha'Daa stuff already - there's always something to trade, even on a sub... ;-)

  2. LOL! I did forget about that part of the story. Hah! Could you imagine the yard sale the Salesman could have after the Sha'Daa is over? Getting rid of all that extra stuff he accumulated... hee.

    And you should write a garage sale story too, you know. Time for us to step away from the novels for a few. Though I see Multiples seems to be cooperating...

  3. Hmm. Wonder if Mike would let me do another Johnny Syrdon story? Hee. Seriously, though, I'll have to have a think about doing a story.

    As for's probably not the right word. After I posted that entry on my blog, I went off and started to wonder how the scene might work, and came to the conclusion that it wouldn't. So I'm back to square one... :-/

  4. So I'm back to square one... :-/

    Oh.... bollocks.