Sunday, June 11, 2006

Now I just have to write it

Ah, the garage sale story flash fiction idea came yesterday. Gee. WWII inspired, like just about everything I've written lately from DTD to C! fiction. I was wondering a couple days ago, though, why everything I happened to be reading/watching right this particularly moment was about Italy and not France. It was starting to frustrate me, but then in the middle of it, there's my garage sale. So, all things really do seem to have a purpose.


  1. Cool. I had the germ of an idea yesterday, too. Almost a Salesman story, but set in a small town (probably a small US town, as we don't really do garage sales over here), about the seller clearing up after the sale - mainly a discussion of some of the sales he made. I have a working title (as always; you know me and titles): 'One for Every Occasion.'

    Now, as you say, I just have to write it... :-)

  2. If you don't really do garage sales over there, how do people generally dispose of excess items? Take them somewhere? Throw them out in the trash? What's the scoop?

    Yay for ideas!

  3. Kind of 'all of the above' really. We have an abundance of charity shops over here - Oxfam and the like tend to get an awful lot of stuff. And while we don't have garage sales, we do have car boot sales (car trunk sales, I suppose, doing the old British/American thing) - they're kind of similar, I suppose. People taking stuff they want to sell to an organised event - usually in a field or large car park somewhere, and selling literally out of the back of their car.

    Recycling's got pretty big over here in the last few years, too. There are places you can drop stuff off for it to be recycled/re-used - and a lot of local councils collect to recycle, too.

    And I agree wholeheartedly. Yay for ideas! Now, if I could only get them written down...

  4. A car boot sale!! I love it! Sounds like our flea markets, except with the actual vehicles serving as the individual sales boothes instead of folding tables.

  5. I can't wait to read both!!! Write! Write! Write!

    ::waves to Wirewalker:: Long time to chat!

  6. Big waves back at ya! Hope all's well.

    As for the writing...I'm still struggling with momentum. But I'll get there!