Friday, September 08, 2006


So, after recently reading about a potential remake of "A Walk in the Sun" is in the works, all I want to do is watch the original again. Hollywood and their stupid remakes. I'm sure when I'm a silver-haired old lady, I'll be reading about the remake of "Star Wars" that's in the works.


  1. Nah. Lucas will get around to that way before your hair goes silver.

    On the subject of remakes; The Wicker Man. Possibly the greatest British horror film of the last goodness knows how many years. Remade with Nicolas Cage!? Whose dumb idea was that?

  2. You know what the problem is? Hollywood hasn't wised up to the fact that they need to hire US to write fantastic, original screenplays for them! If only they'd take a little of the money they waste on doing shoddy remakes of magnificent films and pay us to write something wonderful for them....