Monday, October 23, 2006

running short of time

A week and a couple days until I have to start writing in earnest, and I'll be gone for half that. But I feel ready... sort of. My brain has consciously NOT been plotting and planning. I have the characters, the basic structure, a lot of questions, and the rest is just going to have to come together on the fly as November progresses. I think I should be far more worried about this than I am. Like there's a murder in part one and I don't know which guy gets murdered or by whom, and, as it ties heavily into part two, I feel I oughta know who gets bumped off. I can make a case for all sorts of scenarios, and all of them work, but none of them feel right yet.

I'm sure the characters will delight in surprising me when I actually get there.

My goal this week is simply to read and read and read. Get words flowing easily in my head.

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  1. I think I should be far more worried about this than I am.

    Yeah, I keep feeling like I should be panicking right now. Or at least running around stocking up on caffeine. Actually, one of my bros-in-law just gave me half a pound of Starbucks coffee beans, so maybe I've got a start on that.

    Hmm. Why am I not wigging out? I'm afraid I'm getting cocky. Han Solo told me not to do that, so I hope I'm not!