Friday, October 27, 2006

Almost time to get to serious work

So, last night was my last night to brainstorm before Nano starts (due to trip starting tonight) and did I spend it diligently working out novel outline and setting and characters or did I watch Glenn Ford westerns? Heh. Well I watched "The Man from Colorado" and if it hadn't ended so unsatisfactorily, I might have left it there and gone on to writing. (The only thing good about "The Man from Colorado" was simply how good-looking William Holden was.) But it vexed me so I threw in 1943's "The Desperadoes" to see if it would be better. It was MUCH better. It pleased me greatly. Even Randolph Scott was cool. He was so full of energy and smiles and not just riding around all glum and stoic. Shocked me. I think Glenn Ford just brings out the best in his co-stars. Plus more Claire Trevor and Edgar Buchanan being all shifty again. And the love interest Evelyn Keyes was really cool. Why is it the women in the 40's seem to have much more spunk and intelligence in 40's westerns than they do in later westerns? She runs the livery stable, rides out alone to rescue people, jumps into fights, even knocks Glenn Ford out when Randolph Scott fails. Way cool. Not a great western, not as good as "Texas," but a fun and amusing one. And it made me forget the other movie, which was the whole purpose, so all ended well.

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  1. You are so right about Ford -- especially early Ford. He had a charming easiness about himself, that grew into an unflappable comfort as he aged; but when surrounded by actors equal or a tad higher he could bring the energy -- like in Gilda. A well-travelled guy who lived a complicated life; him and Holden were contrasts and compadres of coolness that just glow when they are in the right role.