Friday, February 11, 2011

Slow time for films chez moi

Alas, it's been a mostly no-movies zone over here for a while now, so I have nothing to report. Life has been too busy, and I've had a deadline on a short story I need to meet, so my time has been spent writing. I did watch Burnt Offerings (1976) last weekend, which is actually a horror movie. Highly unusual for me to watch horror, but Oliver Reed was in it, so I gave it a shot...

Actually rather liked it, and it didn't give me nightmares. It was more of a suspense horror film than freaky gory horror, and I can handle that. Falls under that horror subgenre of "Deadly Houses." I swear, anyone ever offers you a deal to go babysit a gigantic mansion out in the boonies somewhere, for an unbeatable price -- Don't Do It! This particular mansion wasn't haunted, it was just alive, and needed injuries and death to "feed" and regenerate itself. Naturally, if you go there to stay, you get put on the house menu. Coolest scene in the movie was when the house was "refreshing" itself, the old boards popping off by themselves to expose shiny new white boards underneath, old broken tiles cascading off the roof. Freaky and very cool. Bette Davis was in this film, and it might just be the first time I actually liked her in a movie. Maybe she mellowed as she got older. But her Aunt Elizabeth was neat. I wanted her for my aunt!

Oliver Reed was very great, as usual. Very appealing in this movie. I'd say his character was the only sensible one in the movie (until the end -- dude, run away, run away!), except he was handicapped by nightmares from his youth of this funeral and a very frightening, grinning Chauffeur, who was more terrifying than the house. The Chauffeur's one of those creepy characters who is twice as creepy because he doesn't really do anything but grin at you, but what you think he might do is the terrifying part.



  1. You're great at covering movies I've never heard of! ;)

    BURNT OFFERINGS. And I thought I'd seen every old horror film.


    As for real life: I hope things have calmed down a bit. And best of luck with your short story! Unless you've already finished it...then, I hope it turned out great! :)

    Thanks for telling me Happy New Year, over at my blog. I went quiet for a while, and didn't thank you, or come over here and say hi -- I think I did come over, and catch-up a bit on reading, but didn't comment -- and anyway, it made me smile to hear from you. And I'm glad you're still blogging, and still nice to me. :)

    Assuming you're still nice to me... ;)

    Here's to having more time for movies, and to finishing short stories!

    For myself, I wish I had less of the former, of more of the latter.

  2. Thank you! I did finish the story, and it was accepted for publication! It comes out this summer. I'll post more on the whole affair when I can.

    Real life... well, it's real. Sometimes that's good, sometimes that's bad. Hearing from you, seeing new posts from you -- that's one of the good!