Sunday, October 09, 2011

Blowing off the cobwebs

My apologies for the neglect. A combo of vacation, illness, and impending story deadlines has left me with little time for blogging in the last month. I've watched only a couple movies in the past month, and those were re-watches. Weird to go such a long stretch without watching a movie, but I read a lot in there. No fiction, though, oddly. Only biographies on Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson. I loved reading about both men. Up next is another biography, this one on Travis, Crockett, and Bowie. Really looking forward to it, but man, it's a fat book!

I've also had a birthday, and I find that while I don't need quite glasses yet, I'm distinctly getting more and more farsighted nowadays. Pretty soon my arms won't be long enough, and then I'll need glasses. LOL! No problems with driving or seeing anything far off. Just the up close stuff. I also cannot read for hours and hours like I used to in my youth. My eyes take longer adjust quickly from up close to distant and back again, and reading nowadays tends to leave me with a fair bit of nausea if I try to read for too long. It's unsettling. I just try to make sure I read in bright light and for shorter periods of time. Ahhhh, how the body slowly changes with age.

Most free time lately has been spent racing a deadline for my next anthology submission. Once it's off my plate, there's another one to write... but I should be able to get back to watching old movies. I hope. I'm craving some Dana Andrews and William Holden about now!


  1. I think my dad was 44 or 45 when he got reading glasses. If you're finding reading problematic, maybe try finding some of those inexpensive over-the-counter reading glasses from a pharmacy or Target.

    Did I ever tell you I wanted to have 4 boys and name them Daniel Boone, David Crockett, Christopher Carson, and James Bowie? :-D Well, I got to use one of the first names, anyway.

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. In returning the visit, I nearly freaked out when I saw your #1 guy William Holden! I am totally in love with that man!!! So what do you know, another Bill Holden fan out's really nice to meet you.

    I haven't been watching as many movies lately either, mostly because baseball playoff season is upon us and other family members want the TV for that. Can you imagine? Preferring baseball to old movies?!

    MY DVR is backlogged with things I've recorded but need to find the time to watch.

    Hope you get a chance to watch the George Raft film I reviewed.

  3. Hamlette - Yeah, that's what my mom did too. I will probably do the same in the next couple years. Sigh.

    Hee! Yes, I do remember the boys' names! Kind of like me wanting to have two boys and name them Fletcher Christian and William Travis... hey, between the two of us, we have the main Alamo players covered! I find that quite amusing. :-D

    Patti - Hi! I had originally stopped by your blog from one of our mutual blogging friends, and I did the same thing -- "oooh! Another William Holden fan!" Yep, he's my #1 as well. I absolutely adore him, and nobody comes close to knocking him out of that #1 spot. I've been enjoying your posts and movie reviews, and I'm looking forward to more!

    LOL on the baseball! I know what you mean. I don't actually have cable or tv, so I can only watch things if they're on DVD or video. I have another short story due soon, but after that, I want to get back to watching movies myself. I feel like there's a hole there!

    See you around, and it' sreally nice to meet you too!