Saturday, April 22, 2017

Born in China (2017)

And this movie, folks, is precisely WHY I DON'T DO ANIMAL MOVIES!!!!!!  I spent the whole movie tearing up over the beauty of it, and then sobbed my eyes out at the end because not every story in this movie ends well.  And the set of animals I cared most about was the one without the happy ending.  I did not bring nearly enough Kleenex with me.  I blithely assumed because the trailer was so full of cuteness that I didn't have to worry about my heart being torn out and stomped on.  Yeah.  Right.  Couldn't have been more wrong.

My heart and the ensuing waterworks aside, it's a beautifully filmed movie, showing absolutely gorgeous locations in China and a bit of the lives of the wild creatures that make their homes there.  I took my nephew, and he thought the movie was only a half hour long, that's how caught up in it he was.  If he noticed the complete mess it turned his aunt into, he politely didn't say.  LOL.  The credits had some great extra footage showing the filmmakers on location.  It really is a beautiful movie, with some incredible footage of some beautiful creature.  Alas, I could never sit through it again, knowing what happens.

There was a trailer beforehand for next year's Disneynature Earth day movie, entitled Dolphins.  It looks beautiful as well.  I told my nephew his mom can take him to that one!  I'm done!  (Although, I'll probably let him talk me into it when the time comes. I'll just remember to bring more Kleenex, just in case.)


  1. My dad used to take my mom to the movies all the time when they were dating, only he mostly took her to nature documentaries, which he found fascinating and she found boring. That's kind of my parent in a nutshell there, I guess.

    I tagged you with a writing tag if you want to play.

    1. Weird, the email notification I received did not have the last sentence about tagging me. Didn't see it until I came here to reply.

      That is quite funny. Were there actually that many nature documentaries to see in the movies? Interesting! We grew up on Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom on television, and all the Disney real life animal movies, and PBS shows... but none of those were terribly gut-wrenching. Not like this one.

    2. I have no idea if they really went to many of them, or if the number has inflated with the years. I do know that they seem to have gone to a lot of movies together, and Mom complains that so many of them were nature films. Dad says she fell asleep during them. Mom also complains that he would leave before the end of movies a lot -- he'd say, "Well, I can see how this ends now, I don't need to stay for the last few scenes." That would have driven me bonkers. He still leaves before the credits are done, but at least he's never dragged me out of my seat before the movie ended!