Sunday, April 02, 2017

April 2017

April is here, and, with all the rain we've finally had, the wildflowers are in full bloom:


Writing stories at my house these days usually entails a Silver sleeping under my desk:

He's now 60 lbs of playful energy, but he has the work routine down pat, and usually sleeps and lets me work between 8 and 5 before demanding more attention.


  1. Wow! Those wildflowers are GORGEOUS. We're getting some daffodils here and there, but my irises are not yet in bloom. Hoping it comes soon!

  2. Thanks! I love when the poppies go crazy. And I love daffodils and irises. When I lived in the Sierra, I planted hundreds of bulbs out front, all kinds, and I absolutely loved when they all came up and it was this riot of color.

  3. Crazy, random happenstance: just today a friend posted pics,on FB of her new tat, a California poppy. And I surf over here and see your pics and know what they are, as a result! But what are the purple flowers?

    1. The purple flowers are owls clover. That is a funny coincidence!

  4. There's TONS of snow at our place right now, but we live in Canada, so I guess it all fits in with the Canadian stereotype. :P


    P.S. I tagged you over at my blog - You only need to do it if you want, though. :)