Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Son of Fury (1942)

Nano sure has done a number on my blogging time! I've made time to watch all kinds of movies, but haven't written about any of them. I wanted to finish off my Tyrone Power movie binge with a write up on the last of his movies I had lined up, Son of Fury. Except I watched it close to a month ago and I've forgotten all the details I wanted to write about!

I did enjoy the movie. Nothing outstanding, but good, solid entertainment. I'm still a sucker for South Sea island tales, and I got that in part here. George Saunders is our bad guy again, very suave and cocky and cruel. A very young and gorgeous Gene Tierney shows up as our hero's love interest. They work very well together. Elsa Lancaster gets a brief role, helping Tyrone's character escape the police, and she's as scene-stealing as ever. I loved her little part.

So, instead of a proper review, a few pictures...

In nano progress, it goes. I got stuck for a bit, but came unstuck a couple nights ago when a few consecutively nastier surprises happened. Now my hero is on the run from both the police and the bad guys, and whenever I'm writing action, I write very easily. I'm hoping it'll keep up, as I'm only at 27K in nano (77K for the novel as a whole). I also need to start figuring out how to wrap this novel up. It'll probably go over 100K at this rate, as the 20+K remaining is about 10 scenes, and I simply can't see how I'd pull all the threads together in just 10 scenes. Though you never know, I may be farther along than I thought.


  1. You're doing awesome on the writing!

    LOVE Gene Tierney...

  2. It's so funny that you've just been on a Tyrone Power binge & I'm just going to watch my first film of his this week (well, I saw Witness for the Prosecution but everyone told me that's not a good example of his work) -- Millie, Casey & Nicole picked out The Rains Came for my first Tyrone Power film so here's hoping I like it! Trying to keep an open mind since I'm not a big fan so far...

    Good luck on the nanowrimo!

  3. Thanks Melissa!

    Hiya Kate -- have fun! LOL! I haven't seen The Rains Came, so no idea even what that one's about. I still like The Black Swan the best. That's the only one of his films I felt the need to own. :-D Zorro ran a close second. I'm still not in love with him, and he won't make any of my favorite actor lists, but I definitely enjoyed watching his films.

  4. I really like Son of Fury. I can watch anything with Ty and Gene (both together and a part that is heh)...

    Good luck with the writing :)