Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Heroes make good presidents."

Day 22 - Favorite series finale

You know, I was thinking about this... and having trouble even remembering series finales. I'm just not pulling up any in my brain. Also, older series did not particularly have a series finale in the way we tend to think of them today. The shows just sort of trailed off with an episode like any other.

So, I've been reviewing my favorite shows, contemplating their season finales, and they're all a bit fuzzy or they were nothing I really held onto in the "wow, great ep" category. Which leads me to the only one that's not, because I recently re-watched it -- twice, and so I'm going to go with it. It was the two-part ep "High Treason" from The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

It stands out to me because I think it was the best ep of the entire series. All the semi-regulars returned with the exception of Dixie (I don't mind Dixie, really I don't, but I'd also rather she not be there...). But Pete, Whip, Viva, Prof. Wickwire are all there and they're all amusing as hell. Pete and Viva arguing in jail over who designed the cell. Pete:
"I scoff at your moronic interpretation of hoosegow architecture." The hilarious dialogue subtitles for one of the side characters. Terry Bradshaw and the football jokes. Pete and his bible. Pete and his crossbow with the dynamite. Pete and Tiny. Okay, yeah, Pete Hutter is still the funniest character in the show. "High Treason" showed the series truly finding its legs, settling in on what the audience really loved about it. It was a serious story with a bunch of wackiness that grew naturally from the circumstances. And it was the last ep. Grrrr. This is why it needed another season so badly.

It also wasn't a "true" series finale in that nothing was wrapped up, nothing "ended," it was just a rousingly good show that promised more. But right now, it's the series finale I remember most.

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