Tuesday, May 23, 2017

RIP Roger Moore

So sad to hear about the passing of Roger Moore.  He isn't my favorite James Bond, but he was still MY Bond.  The first Bond movie I saw in the movie theater was The Spy Who Loved Me, and I saw every one after that.  James Bond movies are a huge part of my life, and Roger Moore is integral to that.  Of course, he also did so many other things beyond Bond.  My favorite role of his is Ffolkes, in the 1980 movie ffolkes.  Very entertaining film, and Moore was fabulous as the cat-loving, knitting, cranky counter-terrorism expert in it.  That movie had a great cast, but Moore is the one that made it great.  I've always wanted three cats named Esther, Ruth, and Jennifer, just because of this movie.  I also have always loved him in The Wild Geese (1978). 

One of my favorite exchanges from The Wild Geese:

(Roger Moore) - Allen!  What, not even a hearty handshake, a Shawn my boy how are you, nothing?
(Richard Burton) - Clown
(Roger Moore) - Oh, "clown."  At least it's a start.  Now, would you mind telling me what you're doing here, thank god.
(Richard Burton) - If we live, I'll tell you about it.  Idiot.
(Roger Moore) - Clown and idiot.  You always were a flatterer.


  1. I never much liked Moore as Bond, either, but like you, I grew up with him in the role. My dad and I used to watch James Bond movies all the time. So sad that he passed away.

    1. Yep. We have much in common here!

      Hope you're doing well and things are getting easier.

    2. Doing okay. Each day is a little better!

  2. I'm adding ffolkes to my to-see list, thanks. RIP.