Thursday, November 01, 2018

Happy Halloween and Nano begins

It is November 1st!  Hope everyone had a lovely Halloween. It was pretty fantastic here.  My sister's new home is right by a popular park, and it's where many come to go trick or treating.  There was a fabulous turnout.  Hundreds of kids... we ran out of candy to pass out, had to make a fast grocery store run to pick up more.  Saw tons of adorable costumes.  One of my favorites was the mom and dad dressed as Ron and Hermione from Harry Potter, and their three young boys were all Harry Potter himself.  Three matching little Harry Potters.  It was fantastic.  There were superheroes, pirates, Disney princesses, Incredibles characters, a whole flock of kids in those blow-up T-Rex suits running around (which was hilarious).

My own family went the Star Wars route, specifically Return of the Jedi, with Vader, Luke, and yours truly as a stormtrooper.  Walking around in full-on Star Wars costumes is The Best.  Kids, and more often than not, the adults, would come running up, saying, "It's Darth Vader!"  So fun!  We all had a blast.  And now we know what to expect for next year, so we can have more candy stockpiled to start with.

Today, it is raining, and it is the perfect weather to start a novel.  I've got my hot tea, a Danny Elfman score on (Oz, the Great and Powerful), and am 800 words in.

And now for probably the last of the fall color pictures.  It's still going strong here.  I had to check the date of my first post, and that was Sept 10th.  I suspect the last trees will still be turning on Nov 10th, so that's been two wonderful months of amazing color.  These were just taken, you can see the weather's turning towards rain and cold.  No more sun to shine off the leaves.  But the color is still impressive.

And now, off to write some more.  Still have another 800 words to complete today's word count.


  1. You need a wet summer and a dry fall to get spectacular fall color, and we generally get the opposite, so our colors are rarely vibrant like yours. So gorgeous! I've been loving all your photos!

    1. And cold. If I recall, the cold triggers the change, and it's been quite cold here, and I know you've still had pretty high temps lately! Glad you've enjoyed them. I'm still taking pics, because it's still pretty. I missed this one great shot of this big cottonwood, where all the leaves had blown off except the top most leaves. It was amazing-looking. Just these few big yellow leaves remaining on the upper-most edges, the rest bare... but it rained and knocked them all off before I could get back to get a pic.