Sunday, April 16, 2006

Dang muses

So, last night, in the interest of finding wonderful titles for the two title-less novellas, I thought I'd see if Muse #5 wanted to add "title muse" to his shingle. He's low-man on the totem pole and an agreeable sort of chap. Plus, he's around a lot, as opposed to certain other AWOL members of the dream team.

I thought I asked him very nicely, with my best smile and everything, thank you very much, but he just raised an eyebrow, then shook his head, the uncooperative so-and-so.

I know, it doesn't work this way. The muses pick me, not vice versa, but you'd think, when I asked for one tiny little thing that one of that bloody lot might help me out. Just a little.

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