Sunday, April 23, 2006


Finally slogged through chapter 12. Bloody hell. This has to be the most revised chapter to date and I have a feeling I'll be back to it, after I straighten out some later stuff. Can't quite see it objectively cuz too much is going to change in the rest of the book from draft one. And character priorities can be such a pain. What do they think about and in what order? There was a scene I really wanted to put in the chapter, some set up for the end of the book. I spent a good part of last night working on getting it right. And it was beautiful! Just what I wanted. I deleted it today. Just didn't work. Tonight was spent re-writing another part of the chapter, a part that gave TOO much away too early.

Too little, too much, too hot, too cold... Just call me Goldilocks.

Mystery is all about balance and truth and sleight of hand and concealing curtains blowing open in the breeze, just so. Writing is all about knowing when to turn on the wind machine.

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