Friday, June 02, 2006

Fairly seasonal

Odd. Just realized that the last four novels I've worked on all take place in a different season.

"Darkland" - autumn
"Dreaming the Dead" - winter
"While Gods Lie Dreaming" - spring
"The Red-Flamed Mystic" - summer

Different seasons, though the first three still all feature snow. I seem to like icy, snowy weather, yes I do (though I never consciously chose those seasons -- the weather came with the stories). Dark, overcast, bitter, and bleak... characters bundled in coats off all varieties, freezing to death (in some cases, rather literally, because I'm mean that way).

And then the last book runs with the hot and dry weather and nary a coat or cloak or jacket in sight. And my two novellas are set in summer.

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