Sunday, June 25, 2006


I set aside everything I meant to work on this evening and wrote a large chunk of a new story tonight. Not a publishable story, sort of an off-the-wall fanfic story, but for some reason, I felt compelled to put it on paper. And it flowed so oddly easily, and not from the p.o.v. I meant to tell it from either. Which just shows me how consistent I am with the p.o.v.s. I'm most comfortable with. There's another one I want to write too, just for me, sort of a companion piece, but not. Wonder what p.o.v. that one will come out in?

Now earlier today, before the heat set in in earnest and knocked me out, I wrote three pages of notes on one story, hammering at and dissecting each scene until I understood what didn't work for me and came up with the only solution I can find at this moment. And I yanked 400 words out of another story. Sigh. Maybe I can use them elsewhere in the future. I don't mind losing them, but I do mind losing one line of dialogue that I really liked, that sort of made the whole scene work for me. I was going to work on both of these tonight, until the other story demanded some airtime.

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