Monday, June 19, 2006

Worse than unfocussed brain

Now, I have useless brain. It's forgotten how to put together a sentence and it's unwilling to work with me right now. Appeals to long-absent muses are going nowhere. I resorted to a movie.

Now, I was supposed to watch "Swamp Water," which is a HAPPY movie (well, mostly) and something to BREAK my mood. What ended up in the DVD player? "The Ox-Bow Incident." NOT a happy movie!! It didn't break my mood: it INTENSIFIED my mood. I haven't put that one on in several months, and I got the kicked-in-the-stomach reaction all over again. Now, I'm going to bed without a word written, more depressed than when I started.

I'm a bloody fool.


  1. Ooh, I did that last weekend, only the other way around. I'd been feeling hyper all day and had every intention of watching a nice, quiet, calming movie. What did I end up watching? Kill Bill. Much pretend swordplay later (and I mean lots), I'd finally tired myself out enough to go to bed. Well, it was 2am... :-)

  2. What on earth were you thinking? You put on "Ox-Bow"? Are you me or something? I mean, usually I'm the one that puts in "Hamlet" when I'm down in the dumps.

    Maybe you were trying to achieve what "Hamlet" usually does for me. Cleansing. It puts me through such an emotional wringer I just end up feeling squashed and empty at the end. Then the next day I can start afresh with a new mood. Does generally take going to sleep to reboot with the new emotion though.

  3. Oddly enough, that's exactly what happened. Went to bed crushed flat, woke up the next morning all ready for the new day as if they previous day had never happened. Must be an instinctive thing, cuz I sure didn't do that on purpose. Is this sort of the fight fire with fire method of mood changing?