Saturday, July 01, 2006

New idea

Hm, had fascinating idea today. No story to go with it yet, but it's an idea I'll keep around, see if something hooks up with it. If it's my normal thing, this is #1 of the inescapable triumverate required by my brain to create a story. Now I just have to wait for 2 and 3 to appear.

This idea was triggered while watching "The Train" today. What a fabulous movie that was! I may have to buy it so I can re-watch it whenever I want to. It's the second John Frankenheimer movie I've watched in the last week, the other being "The Manchurian Candidate." "The Train" was much more up my alley, fond as I am of the whole brainwashing theme. But in "The Train" I get WWII, damned bloody awesome Resistance fighters, trains crashing and derailing left and right (real ones too, not some dumb-assed special effects), strafing planes, Burt Lancaster... what's not right up my alley? (And yes: "The Manchurian Candidate" = mostly talking; "The Train" = mostly action, so which film I'm going to like better is pretty much a no-brainer.) Nice and tense story, and some great camera work and angles that just made me go "OOOOOH!" in the most appreciative way. Otto Preminger's the last director to get me ooo'ing and ahh'ing over their camera work, but this one ranks right up there, particularly some of those long shots at the end. I can't wait to watch it again with the director's commentary turned on. John Frankenheimer provided what I still consider the best commentary I've ever listened to, for "Ronin" (a film I absolutely adore), so I can't wait to hear what he says on this one, see if it's in the same vein.

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