Monday, July 03, 2006

Issued: one "get out of jail free" card

There's this cute, but unproductive character who's been hogging up quite a bit of mental brain time lately. So, I go to banish him tonight, and what does he do? Reminds me I haven't written my garage sale contest story yet. With a sweet smile. Except, I'm finally learning, see. Sweet hides sly and devious. I tell him crossly the flash piece has nothing to do with him. And he says, "Doesn't it?" with an even wider smile.

The thing with creative brains is, they don't stop working just because you tell them not to. So while my conscious brain has its hands over its ears singing loudly "la-la-la-la-la," the creative part is actually seriously considering what he's saying. Stupid easily-duped imagination. Stupid smug character.

He'll be insufferable now.


  1. He'll be insufferable now.

    "'It must've been terrible for you Jack. It must have been terrible'--well, it bloody is now!"

    Stops. Looks. Peers. Grimaces.

    "There'll be no living with her now."

    (Gosh, can you tell what I'm excited about coming to theaters in only two more days?!?!)

  2. BTW, I'm still locking Brockyboy in the slammer. You'll just have to work with him there. Or take him out flanked by armed guards or something. Both Angel and Hanley are coming through loud and clear for me tonight and I am not risking getting interference from him.

  3. Es is der fehler von Hanley!!

    And yes, do lock him up. Please. I'm counting on you here.

  4. Oh, btw, since Brockmeyer's now behind locked bars, I assume Saunders is physically barring the entrance to the stockade just to keep people like me from wandering in and *accidentally* getting coerced into letting him out again? Don't trust me, huh? Huh??

    You are a very wise person.

  5. Yes, Saunders is there to keep us from falling under the influence of Brockmeyer's glib tongue and letting him out. In fact, I don't think Saunders is going to let Brock out of his sight until this story is in the can!