Wednesday, October 04, 2006

NaNoWriMo approacheth

And the inevitable question -- what do I choose as this year's project? Do I do the one I had intended to start last year, and ended up dropping in favor of a hotter project on Otober 31st? It's the first book of the Mystic fantasy trilogy. I'm actually leaning towards not doing it again, and writing something new and unplotted. I have this young adult fantasy novel idea. It would be different for me, and therefore fresh and 180 degrees from last year's novel. Might be a good thing. I have exactly one page of notes on it. It's tentatively called "The Barristal Riders" but who knows if that will stay or not. I like the idea a lot, so that give it sway. Though I like the Mystic books too, they're just more involved than I think I want to go right now. I think I want something different. The problem is, I know I can write the Mystic book... I know the whole story, it's just a matter of getting it down on paper. It would be a safe option, a relatively easy option. I know only a paragraph's worth of plot on the YA book. I could get partway in and fizzle. Course, that's always a risk on any story.

Well, there's most of a month still to decide, though I'd like to do a chunk of plotting first before I begin.


  1. I could get partway in and fizzle.
    Hmm. You mean like last year? lol. You'll be fine, whatever you choose to do.

    I'm still trying to work out how much time I'm going to have in November, and whether it'll be enough for me to have a good go at nano. Fingers firmly crossed...

  2. You'll be fine...

    Yeah, so you say... Why am I dreading this one so much then? That committment...

    You'd better give it a go, it'll be no fun without you along for the madness.

  3. Madness? Oh, heck - why didn't you say? I'm in... :-D