Saturday, April 26, 2008


So, on the plane ride home, I did some POW thinking... and finally -- finally! -- things fell into place for the last half. I have the last line (which made me grin and grin), I understand what the other main character is doing, I figured out it's more of a noir mystery than anything else, and that let me pace the events I had more evenly and with purpose. Me very pleased. Me ready to continue writing on it now.

Only thing I haven't light-bulbed on yet is the setting. I want it to be cars and hats and trench coats and all 1940's, because I just can't envision it in another setting. And yet I cannot seem to explain such a thing logically within the context of the story. Is it an alternate 1945 with magic? Is it some random fantasy world and that's just where thing's have developed? I can't bear to change it to some more medieval-ish setting, I desperately want that 40's look and feel. I just can't figure how to explain it in the novel.

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