Monday, August 11, 2008

Doing homework

I forgot to say that in the midst of novel workings, I did get a short fanfic piece done. Was happy with it initially, but reading it back just made me shake my head. Subtlety? Yeah, sure, what's that? Oh well. It was fun to write anyway.

I was just going to read the lessons in the Think Sideways course, but then I decided that was stupid, I might as well do the exercises too. I mean, what am I paying for? Current lesson is on creating good exciting ideas within a deadline, based on ideas from these cluster-type maps we created. I really didn't want to do that because I have too many ideas as it is and I want my focus on polishing up existing novels, not thinking up new ones. But darn it all, that's a lame excuse. That's simply that old nemesis lack-of-discipline trying to interfere.

So, last night, I treated myself to listening to a new score the real way -- not running around the house doing things, but lying on the couch, doing nothing but listening to the music for fifty minutes. And there was my first new idea for the exercise. Right in the middle. I was only supposed to jot down a few key words, but I ended up with a couple paragraphs of notes on the new novel as it took rapid shape. And oh, I loves it so!! I think I've gotten so locked into "finish what you've got open" that I forgot the sheer joy that comes with new cool ideas (little fanfic story notwithstanding). We have a week to come up with three idea, so I've got until next Saturday. Wonder what the next two ideas will be like?


  1. Have you ever read "The Artist's Way"? one of the essential elements of the author's creativity-unblocking course is nurturing your inner artist child by taking it (him? her?) on a weekly "date"--doing something to refill that creative well. Your sitting down to just listen to music for almost an hour sounds like it would qualify as a "date" and it looks like that time spent paid off in a neat idea.

    Me, my idea of a date with my inner artist is taking a shower--the noise of the water drowns out any screaming from children. *wry grin*

  2. Ahhhh, new ideas! Gotta love those. I had another new fanfic idea while I was visiting my parents... just when I thought I was working on my last fanfic story for a while, and now I have ideas for TWO more. Not that I'm complaining....