Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New look

So, I finally upgraded the blogger template and started playing with it. What do you think?


  1. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Very nice! Are you available for houses? ;-)

  2. Me likes! Especially the swash of hotties at the top. Hello to WH, Aldo, Rudy, Dana, and I'm guessing Ralphonzo!

    Was this one of the free templates, or did you pay for it? It's spiffy! I also dig the "what I'm currently reading" thing -- may have to borrow that idea.

  3. Free as a bird. I just had to upgrade the template thing, then it gave me a new window to configure the layout. Then I just played around with it.

    And good guess on Ralphonzo! (which made me laugh, particularly as it's much nicer to say than the shortened version.) And I love that Rudy reading picture so much I just had to include it.

  4. I like your new layout! It's more colorful than it was, without being TOO colorful or busy. The sidebar seems more organized (can't remember if you had labels before, or the post-title archives, but now I notice, and plan to use 'em!).

    The header's perfect too! :)