Friday, October 10, 2008

Work Space and classic movies

(from Asleep in NY)

I'm fortunate to work from home, so this means there are lots of movie related things around me. Starting with my work computer desktop picture, which is still my favorite picture of Aldo Ray.

On the wall to my right are several movie posters, but my favorite (hung in my line of sight, of course) is my "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" poster. (There's also a picture of the Nautilus at sunset to my left) "20,000" is still, after all these years, my favorite movie of all time. Behind me is a three-shelf bookcase, with the bottom shelf all movie-related books.

And directly to the right of my desk is the all-important CD/DVD rack, with all my soundtracks and movies. Over it are two of my autographed pictures, one of Dana Andrews, one of Coleen Gray and Tyrone Power. The rest of the house is filled with other movie pictures, but the ones shown here are the true work space-related ones.


  1. Oooh, fun meme! I may have to bust out the camera and do this quick before I leave for NC.

    Your house has changed so much since I was there! I can barely envision how this all fits in. I keep just seeing giant curtainless windows....

  2. Oh wow...your office is a million times cooler than mine. :)

    Mine looks more like the bedroom of a twelve year old girl.

    Your movie collection...I think it could eat mine for breakfast!

    Autograph picture of Dana Andrews...Can I come blow kisses at it? ;)

    Speaking of him: I forgot to mention this the other morning...I actually have thought of starting a website for him! I think it might be better suited for me than the biography we were discussing. I simply don't know enough about biographies to do anyone justice.

    Websites, though...I think I could do a good job. And I have some great ideas for it!

    Prepare to throw something at me: I've never seen 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. :)

    My favorite movie of all time is Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

  3. Rachel -- I'll have to send you some pictures, cuz you're right. You won't recognize it! And I'd love to see your pics of your work area! I remember your last place, of course, but I'd love to see the new one!

    Ginger -- well, we're even then, because amazingly enough, somehow I've never seen Mr. Smith Goes to Washington! I've seen clips, but not the whole film. It's on my list, it just hasn't happened yet. Maybe I'll bump it up my netflix queue!

    And yay for a hopefully, coming-soon DA website! That would be great and I really do think you'd do a great job of it.

  4. Thanks! :)


    I'll add 20,000 LEAGUES to my queue, and then we can both review each others favorites, and throw rocks if necessary. ;)