Sunday, October 12, 2008

To nano or not to nano

Oh, it's that pesky time of year again... I've completed nano successfully the last four years, how can I not make it five? Particularly as Tillane is doing it, and as we started this madness together, I don't think I'll be able to watch him cross the finish line while I sit idly twiddling my thumbs. (Competition can be a very healthy thing!)

But if I do it, which project do I pick? Do I re-do POW from scratch? Do I do 50k of C! fanfic? Do I start on that YA novel that was supposed to be my nano novel 3 years ago until DTD shoved it into a corner? Or start the trilogy that I've also been debating doing for four years of nano? Or something brand spanking new?

Whatever I do, this year I'm determined to be organized. As much as I love what I got last year on POW, as much fun as I had writing it, it ultimately doesn't work because I didn't know when I started where the story needed to go. The last thing I need this year is 50K I'm promptly going to throw out and re-write. I need something like DTD that worked the first time. So, I have half a month to get those ducks rowed.

But which novel to pick??


  1. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Well, you know my vote is for 50k of C! fanfic! But I support you in whatever you ultimately decide to so. :-)

  2. Anonymous3:51 PM

    I also support you in whatever you decide to DO! I am such a mushbrain sometimes.....

  3. Oh, come on and do it! :)

    Start something new, and then you'll have a whole new book by December!! :)

    I've done it for the past three years...made it to fifty thousand the first two years, and last year, I lost, but was close at forty-two thousand.

    I just can't seem to ever finish a first draft WITHOUT NaNoWriMo. I get too distracted if I don't force myself to write as fast as possible.

  4. A whole new book? I wish! But I will have approx. half of a new book. (My average novel word count is around 110K) I usually finish the last half of the nano novel between Dec and the next nano session. So, I still get a novel a year, just... takes a little longer than a month. Sigh.

    Although, if I choose to do that YA novel as my project, that would probably run about 50K, and I might indeed actually get a complete book in the month. That'd be neat!

    Nano really is good as a pusher, isn't it.


  5. Yeah, Maggie, I thought you'd like that 50k of C! fanfic!! However, I'm just not sure I could sustain that for a month. Still thinking about it though.

  6. Do the YA novel! Do the YA novel! It's been sitting around a while and could use the intensive attention, IMHO. AND it's a departure from your past few years, which might be a good thing.

    Or 50K of C! :-D Then I wouldn't be the only one.