Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 26- A film that you love but everyone else hates

Waterworld (1995). LOL! And I do, I love this movie, I really love this movie, and I freely admit it. But I appear to be quite alone in this, even though I don't get the hatred. Even my sister loathes this film! The ocean setting is way cool, the plot is fun and since it's a fantasy, who cares if the oceans really wouldn't rise that high? The action is exciting, the end satisfying, Dennis Hopper as the Deacon (and his Smoker minions) is just the right shade of crazy. This is an popcorn action/adventure, post-natural-apocalyptic film, with characters I cared about. I saw it in the theater when it first came out and, honestly, there wasn't anything I didn't like about this movie (except the score... this is another of those movies, like Tombstone, where the score is better outside and separate from the film than it is in it... though I've come to like it with the movie too). It's like Mad Max on the high seas, though I would rather watch this film than any of the Mad Max movies (and I'm quite fond of the second one too).

Kevin Costner is great in the cynical, tough loner role, the Mariner. His character is more action than words, and he plays it well. His trimaran is one of the coolest boats ever, with a bunch of nifty gadgets to allow one man to run her where three would probably better. That boat makes my top ten favorite vehicles list. I love how he gets saddled with Enola (great name!) and Helen, and how he slowly comes to love and protect the little girl. The scene where he teaches her to swim is one of my favorite moments. The entire rescue scene is my other favorite part. "Why aren't you rowing?"

There's the theatrical version and the longer version, and I love both. I've actually only seen the long version once, but it explained a lot and filled things in, and I need to check it out again. The theatrical version is the one I know best.

So, yeah. Waterworld is the film I love but everyone else hates!

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