Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 23- Favourite animated film

Before 1970: Fantasia (1940). This is actually the only animation film I own on DVD, though I like most of the early Disney films. There's quite a few of the one in the '60s and the more modern ones that I've never even seen (101 Dalmatians, Jungle Book. etc.) Fantasia, though, is perfect. The animation is gorgeous, lush, exquisite. The music is wonderful. I grew up on classical music, and I'm sure this movie shaped the way I hear music, and even the types of classical music I like. I prefer my music to evoke images. This is also part of the reason I love orchestral soundtracks so much. My favorite segment of Fantasia is Beethoven's 6th Symphony. I love the flying horses, unicorns, centaurs, and mythological setting. The only section that I don't love is the sort of intermission bit on notes/sounds. Though, man, every time I see the Night on Bald Mountain segment as an adult, I'm surprised that it didn't scare my pants off as a kid. It's frightening!

(my favorite moment - brave mommy unicorn)

(exquisite animation)

(Love those water-toting broomsticks!)

Post 1970: Cars (2006). This is my hands-down favorite of the Pixar films. I do not tire of watching this one. You know it's bad when your nephew wants to watch something, and you're telling him "Cars! Let's watch Cars!" just because you want to see it yourself. I find this ironic too, because I don't like car racing generally, and I also cannot stand Owen Wilson in anything I've seen him in -- but I don't mind him at all as the voice of Lightning McQueen. He suits the role. I love the story of this one, the little life lessons. I love love love Doc Hudson, love the whole tractor-tipping, love how the beautiful scenery awes McQueen. Love the town of Radiator Springs and how they spiff it up. Love Mater and Luigi and Guido and, really, all the characters in Radiator Springs. It's just a very satisfying movie, and it doesn't get old. (The Cars dvd also has my favorite Pixar short film: One Man Band. I haven't tired of that one yet either!)


  1. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Ooh, my turn. Haven't seen Cars - which is weird, because I love Pixar and have seen all their other movies. I will catch it next time it's on.

    Fantasia, of course, I have seen. Though not recently. I have some very happy memories of it, and particularly of the music (like you, I grew up with classical music all around). Given that it's a Bank Holiday over here on Monday, I wouldn't be even slightly surprised if it's on TV. Will have to check... :-)

  2. I LOVE Fantasia. I've watched it since I'm like 6, and I remember I found some passages kind of boring but I just adored it overall. How creepy was the short movie about the Devil according to "Night on Bald Mountain"!! My favorite were the the clips about the unicorns, the dinosaurs and Bacco.

  3. We've been watching "Cars" once a week here for a couple months, and you're right -- it never gets old. I'm very glad Daniel has picked it for his current favorite movie and not something that annoys me like, um, "Fantasia." ::ducks::

  4. LOL! Why does Fantasia annoy you? Don't like the music or the animation?

    And I have to change my answer to this prompt, cuz "Up" has far surpassed "Cars" as my favorite Pixar movie. Hee. I still love "Cars," and it would be my close second favorite, but given a choice between the two, I'd rather watch "Up." Ahhh, our favorites... how fickle they are. :-D

    Also, I wouldn't recommend "Up" for Dano yet, as it's quite violent and could be scary for some kids. Matthew absolutely loves it and can quote the whole thing (as well as act it out for you), but he's been watching a lot more of that type movie than I think you guys do.