Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 24- Favourite film based on a book/comic/etc.

Well, a lot of my favorite movies are based on books, including my favorite movies of all time, so I'm going to go with movies with a comic book source here instead. And that gives me:

The Rocketeer

This movie didn't do well when it came out, and I've never figured out why because it's a great movie. The only thing I can think is with the period setting and the story line, this is a very old-fashioned movie. Maybe it just didn't jive with modern audiences, where people like me, who love older movies, period settings, and action -- well, this film was right up my alley. I mean it's set in the late 1930s, has Nazis and Hollywood actors and gangsters, a zeppelin, airplanes, Griffith Observatory, a wonderful Rondo Hatton look-alike, Howard Hughes, great costumes, a hero who flies, and a fabulous James Horner score. This is such a fun movie! The cast is perfect, the movie well-paced, funny dialog, the action thrilling. I love this movie.

Cliff: "How do I look?"
Peevy: "Like a hood ornament!"


  1. I never saw this one, but remember when it came out. That summer everyone my age was into "Terminator 2". This one was out for a couple of weeks then disappeared. I should give it a try.

  2. Oh yeah! I'd forgotten "Terminator 2" came out then. I think Rocketeer got completely overshadowed. Definitely worth checking out. It's quite old-fashioned!