Thursday, July 05, 2012

July 2012

Happy belated Independence Day! I celebrated by going to see The Avengers again.  The film keeps getting better and better with each viewing.  It's been as near a perfect movie as I could ever ask for since the first time I saw it, and, at the moment, I can't actually think of another movie I've seen in the theater since Raiders of the Lost Ark about which I can say the same thing.  I usually have some complaint about plot or pacing or characters or dialogue or music, but not in this one.  It's 2+ hours of sheer pleasure.  And yes, that means I need to re-do my favorite movie list, because this one is in the top ten, if not the top five.

One of the problems with seeing a movie so many times, though, is you get stuck seeing the same previews over and over.  Where the movie may be fantastic, the previews can be downright lousy.  So, it was with great delight that yesterday I found I no longer had to sit through the horrid new Spiderman preview because the movie had finally opened!  Oh, what a relief.  The last few times I've seen Avengers I've just closed my eyes through it.  I was still stuck with the Batman one, though, but at least it's a much better preview.  Given how many movies they keep making about both, I'm clearly in the minority, but those are my two least favorite superheroes, right there.  Zero appeal.  I don't think you could pay me to see either of those movies.

I still have not watched any other movies.  But, where movies disrupt my mood, television (oddly) does not, so I've been watching episodes of Johnny Staccato (1959).  I really love those half hour dramatic television series in the 1950s/60s.  They packed so much in back then!  No wasted time.  So far, I'm thoroughly enjoying this series.  I love John Cassavetes, love the Elmer Bernstein score, love the noir feel of the show.  Reminds me a fair bit of Peter Gunn.  I'll review some of the episodes after I've seen a few more.


  1. LOL. See, I love Batman and Spiderman. I won't be watching the Spiderman reboot, though. It's too soon to do a remake!

    I've heard great things about The Avengers all across the board. I doubt DH and I will make it to the theaters to see it, but it's def. on the top of her DVD queue. :)

    1. When I first saw the new Spiderman preview, I was thinking, wait, didn't we just have a whole trilogy of these? They're starting over already? I think neither superhero works for me because I don't want to be either of them.

      I know you've got the kids, but if you guys can find a way to get to a theater before it leaves, Avengers was meant to be seen big screen. I'm going to cry when I'm stuck having to watch it on a television screen. (You know, really, I just need a movie theater of my own that shows whatever I want to see, whenever I want! LOL!) Although there are rumors that it might be re-released with extra footage, so you might get another chance. Who knows? I do hope you enjoy it whenever you guys finally do get to see it!

  2. My kids went to see the Spiderman movie the day it opened. They didn't even ask me to go with them, as they knew it isn't my kind of movie!!

    I'm glad you've enjoyed The Avengers so much. It's wonderful when you discover a new "can't get enough of this" kind of film.

    I have never heard of the Johnny Staccato show. I like old TV shows as well, but that is one that has never crossed my radar. I will have to look for it.

    Have a great day!