Sunday, November 04, 2012

What's on your shelf?

About this time of year, I get curious as to how many DVDs I rented from Netflix in the previous year, and how many of those I liked so much I had to buy the DVD

From last November until now, it appears I rented exactly 50 DVDs from Netflix. Two of those were re-rents.  On the Instant viewing, only 12 movies.

Five of those viewings turned into DVD purchases for myself.  A sixth movie, my sister bought before I had a chance to, but I still may end up picking up a copy.  Oddly, every one is a modern movie!  Weird!  Particularly considering how selective I am in my DVD buying habits.  In fact the only classic movie I seem to have purchased all year long was "Night Song," with Dana Andrews. I would still like to pick up The Prisoner of Zenda with both versions, I just haven't yet.  I've been quite in the mood for it lately.

The DVDs I bought:

The Big Bang (2011)
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011)
13 Going on 30 (2004)
Tropic Thunder (2008)
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)

Lockout (2012) - the one my sister snagged ahead of me

The only one of those I ever reviewed here was The Big Bang.  I've been pretty neglectful of this journal this past year, though, and I tend not to review modern films.  Here's the quick rundown on each, and why I had to buy myself a copy.

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol - I admit, I haven't seen any of the other Mission: Impossible films, though you think because of my love of action they'd be right up my alley.  I'm not a Tom Cruise though, and the films just never appealed to me.  This one, I rented because Jeremy Renner was in it.  If I hadn't already been in love with him, this movie would have done it, and I'm sorry I didn't catch this one on the big screen.  I just really enjoyed this film.  I bought it so I can watch Jeremy Renner's parts over and over, but I found I also didn't mind Tom Cruise in this film, and I love Simon Pegg's character.  And Tom Cruise climbing the building?  Awesome.

13 Going on 30 - This is decidedly not a movie you'd expect me to own.  I don't do well with most chick flicks.  However, Mark Ruffalo was so adorable in this film, and I like Jennifer Garner, and did I mention how adorable Mark Ruffalo is?  So, yeah, bought it for the cute guy.  No regrets.

Tropic Thunder - Okay, I bought this one simply because I haven't laughed outloud that many times in one movie... ever.  This is a movie I wouldn't recommend to most of the people I know from the blog world.  It's most definitely R.  It's rude, it's crude, it's gross... but somehow, that didn't stop it from tickling my funny bone pretty much nonstop.  This is so rare that I had to own it.  I think I watched it about four times in a row before I returned the disc.  There's some parts I can do without (Jack Black, looking at you, buddy), but Robert Downey Jr. is priceless, and the rest of the supporting cast is great.  I've never been a Ben Stiller fan, but I actually liked him a lot in this.  If I need a pick me up, this is now the go-to movie for me.  I can't stay angry or down with this movie on.  I'm laughing just writing about it.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - This one also makes laugh outloud.  Robert Downey Jr. again (not a coincidence, I think.  I can't think of a serious actor who makes me laugh more. He just cracks me up.) with Val Kilmer.  This one has a modern noir feel to it, with Val Kilmer as a genuine private eye, and Downey Jr. as an actor tagging along.  Murder, mystery, mayhem... with Raymond Chandler book titles as chapter headers.  Downey Jr. narrates the whole film, talking directly to the audience.  Whenever he and Val Kilmer are together, it's pure gold.  The rest, well, it's also most definitely an R movie too, and there's some parts that I could do without here too, but the two main stars make up for it.

Lockout - My sister and I watched this one together and both flipped over it.  Sci-fi, action film with Guy Pearce looking extremely hot.  He's also extremely funny.  This movie is pure popcorn fun.  The whole plot falls apart if you apply any logic, but it was so much fun, neither my sister nor I cared.  We loved the characters, the actors, and the action, so it was a win-win.

Common denominators?  Yeah, can you say Avengers?  Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo, and Robert Downey Jr.  Also -- humor.  I seem to have bought only the movies I found really funny.  Even the Mission Impossible film had me laughing quite a bit, though it would be the least humorous of the group.


  1. Hmm, never hear of Lockout. Guy Pierce is in Prometheus, and does a good job in it. That was one movie I had to buy. Did you get The Avengers on DVD yet, or plan to?

    1. Yep, picked up the DVD version. Haven't watched it, though. Still basking in memories of the big screen version. :-D

    2. What is the final tally of how many times you saw it in the theater?

  2. You will not be surprised to know that I haven't heard of or seen any of those films. From your descriptions, "13 Going on 30" is the one I am most drawn to.

    Wow, 14 times at the theatre! Has it gotten better each time? I'll bet you notice something different each time.

    I probably told you this before, but I saw "Dirty Dancing" at the theatre over 2 dozen times. Then I bought it on VHS and watched it a couple dozen more times. Since you own "Avengers" on DVD (and I only have "Dirty Dancing" on VHS), you will probably soon surpass me in number of times watched.

    1. And I would tell you to stay far far FAR away from every movie on my list except "13 Going on 30"! Which you'd probably like. It's pretty cute.

      Yep, Avengers got better each time, and I caught new things every single time. Although when you see it that many times, there are good viewings and lesser viewings. Lesser viewings are when things in the theater -- audience, a bad screen (there was one theater that had a yellow stain on the screen... really really annoying) -- and various other things that intrude on the experience and take you out of the movie and remind you you're sitting in a theater. Which just makes you want to go back and try to get a better viewing. Then there are the viewings that you're not aware of the theater at all, where you catch all the new things you want to see, but you're sucked in and the time flies by. Those are the close-to-perfect viewings, and they are very precious.

      Although, I will not be watching the movie much for awhile now. Satisfied for the moment. :-D

  3. I adore "13 Going on 30" for Mark Ruffalo's wonderful, sweet character. It's one of my daughter's favorites, too, and I told her, "THAT is the kind of boy you want to marry - like Mattie!" ;-)

    1. Yes! He is so wonderful and sweet. Mattie is one of my favorite characters ever because of how awesome Mark Ruffalo made him. Definitely wouldn't mind marrying that kind of guy either! :-D

  4. But I thought you hated it when characters break the fourth wall!

    Now I REALLY have to see KKBB.

    1. Hm. No problems with it that I'm aware of, unless it's done badly? I'm not so fond of it in plays, perhaps that's what you're thinking of? I can't think of a movie where I mind it, though.