Sunday, November 18, 2012

Here, there, nowhere

Sorry for the absence. I'm here, just working on other things and making time to blog has not been a priority. I've also been watching very few movies lately. I did go to see the new Bond movie in the theater, Skyfall. I have a review post started on it, but it's just sitting in my drafts unfinished.  Story of my life right now.  But I really loved it.  It's probably my favorite Daniel Craig Bond film, even over Casino Royale, which is a hard Bond film to top. 

Mostly my life has been filled with lots of opera, both watching and listening, at home and at the LA Opera. LOTS of opera, pretty much non-stop.  Whenever I go into an opera mood this intense, the movie-watching tends to fall by the wayside, as watching a movie gets in the way of listening to an opera.

I've also been writing a lot.  I'm not officially doing Nanowrimo this year either, but that apparently didn't stop me from jumping in mid-month anyway, just for the fun of it.  I also have a new short story in an anthology out in bookstores now.  I'll post that info soon.

The rest of the time is work and family... and blogging has slipped to the bottom of the priority totem pole.  Sorry about that.  I am reading and checking in on everybody else's post, though. 


  1. Do you have a favorite Opera out of those you have seen? Also, looking forward to your review of Skyfall. Have a nice Thanksgiving.

  2. Favorite out of just those I've seen recently? Or just favorite opera in general? For the latter, picking my top ten favorite operas is as hard as picking my top ten favorite movies! However, Tosca by Puccini, has been number one opera since I was a wee thing, and it still heads the list. I have not seen that one live this year, though, I saw the Met HD version in the movie theater last year, and I will get to see it live at the LA Opera next year.

    As for those I've seen this year? Mozart's Don Giovanni would be my favorite to date. Have seen two different performances of it live this year. I've seen at least another five versions of it on DVD or the internet this year as well. :-D

  3. Hi Deb! Stopping by to wish you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving! Always glad to see your latest posts. :) Hope to see you at Disneyland or a movie theater in 2013!

    Best wishes,

  4. Hi Deb! Just checking in on you, too. I'm glad you're writing so much, and enjoying your opera music!

    I didn't do nanowrimo this year, either, but in my blogging absense wrote three stories. The last one, I finished on Thanksgiving, was almost five hundred pages.

    I look forward to the information about your story getting published. You always impress me. I'm still lowly and unknown.

    I'm out of the basement, though, now, so yes...I wanted to say hi, and I miss you, and you're always one of the first people I check on when I return from my typical multiple month hiatuses. Seven this time. Oh boy.

    May good movies, great opera, and warm holiday thoughts find you.


    1. Ginger!! So good to hear from you! Have missed you around. I think of you often, wondering how you and your daughter are doing. And wow! Three stories and one of them is 500 pages?? That's a lot of words! I think it's awesome! :-D

      I'm really trying to enjoy this holiday season. It's going to fly by so fast, so I'm trying to really savor each moment before it's gone and over in a blink.

  5. Yeah! So glad you liked Skyfall! I can't wait until it comes out on DVD so I can watch it again. I just can't afford to go back to the theater...

    1. Yeah, LOVED Skyfall. I admit, I've gone back and seen it a few more times in the theater. :-D It's gotten even better on subsequent viewings! I can't wait to own this one on DVD myself.