Monday, September 22, 2014

A Tolkien party and giveaway!

If you're a fan of Lord of the Rings, head on over to The Edge of the Precipice, where Hamlette is having a really nice giveaway to celebrate Bilbo and Frodo's birthday!  Check it out.

And now for some questions and answers...

1.  Who introduced you to Tolkien's stories?  A friend.

2.  How old were you when you first ventured into Middle Earth?  I was in college.

3.  Did you read the books first, or see movie versions first?  Read the books first and wouldn't have it any other way in this case.

4.  A dragon or a balrog -- which would you rather fight?  I rather prefer a dragon!  I don’t think anyone but a wizard can fight a balrog!

5.  Who are three of your favorite characters?  (Feel free to elaborate on why.)  Aragorn – who is the character I most relate to and the one I most want to be.  Frodo – who is just amazingly determined and gets the ring all the way to Mt. Doom.  I admire that immensely.  And Boromir, because he is noble and honorable and looks after Merry and Pippin and takes out all those orcs. Sure, he gets tempted by the ring, but that just makes his redemption cooler.

6.  Have you ever dressed up like a Tolkien character?  No, but the family was just talking about how awesome it would be to dress up as the fellowship for Halloween, since we all like different characters.

7.  If someone asks you to go on adventure, how do you respond?  When do we leave?

8.  Have you read any of the "history of Middle Earth" books?  Er, I've read the Silmarillion, is that what you're referring to?

9.  Would you rather drink a bowl of Ent Draught or a glass of Old Winyards?  Ent Draught.

10.  List up to ten of your favorite lines/quotes from the books or movies. These are all from Fellowship, as that is my favorite, and the only one I watch when any regularity.  I don't think I actually know any lines by heart from any of the other movies.

"I would have gone with you to the end, into the very fires of Mordor." - Aragorn
"They have a cave troll." - Boromir
"What is this new devilry?" - Boromir
"What was that?" - Merry
"It comes in pints?" - Pippin
"Watch your feet." - Aragorn
"Men are weak." - Elrond
"Have you ever been called home by the clear ringing of silver trumpets?" - Boromir
"One does not simply walk into Mordor. Its black gates are guarded by more than just Orcs. There is evil there that does not sleep. The great Eye is ever watchful. It is a barren wasteland, riddled with fire, and ash, and dust. The very air you breathe is a poisonous fume. Not with ten thousand men could you do this. It is folly."  Boromir
"What are you looking at?" - Haldir. Okay, he doesn't actually say this, but one day, we had the movie muted and my family each had a character and were providing the lines (this is a highly amusing thing to do on those movies you've seen a million times and think you know by heart... highly recommended for the amusement factor), and my sister said this when Haldir's looking at Gimli in the woods of Lothlorien, and... it stuck.  It is impossible to watch the movie without hearing that line.


  1. Chuckling aloud over Haldir. It's so totally what he's thinking.

    I hope you do all dress up as the Fellowship! And take many pictures! That would rule. Someone else said they hoped to have a Tolkien birthday party with costumes sometime, and I was like, "OOooooooh, I want to do that too!" Maybe for a significant birthday, like 35 or 40! Many of my friends to like Tolkien....

    The Silmarillion is not exactly the same as The History of Middle Earth -- the former was mostly written by J.R.R. Tolkien and published after his death, while the later are bunches of books that his son Christopher compiled from all of his dad's notes. I haven't read either.

    1. Ah, thanks for clarifying the books. I think D has those, since he has everything LotR related.

  2. Oh my cow....I have two teenage brothers. We are SO going to try the muted movie thing with LOTR. We kind of already do that with Napoleon Dynamite and Pride & Prejudice, so LOTR should be easy.

    And I'm kicking myself, because I forgot about the "pints" quote. That's the best quote ever. I actually worked that quote into a work conversation the other day. It was hilarious.

    1. Oh, definitely give LotR a try, with supplying the lines! We had such fun doing that. Of course, we end up laughing and missing stuff, and you tend to forget even lines you know really well in the pressure of the moment.

  3. I'm pretty sure next time I watch the movie and see Haldir, this is what I'm going to think of :) Yay for Tolkien awesomeness!

    1. Hee. It really does seem to fit what he's thinking. My family recently re-watched Fellowship, and we supplied Haldir's added line in stereo. It was very funny

  4. I've never read/seen any of the Lord of the Rings or Hobbits. Told someone that recently and they didn't believe me! But it's true. Just never got around to them.

    1. You're not the only one I know who hasn't seen any of the LotR things. It does happen! Maybe someday, it will be the right time, and you'll get to sit back and enjoy discovering them!

  5. Commenting to say you are the first blog in this blog party that I've read who has Frodo in their top three characters and THANK YOU for giving him some credit! Frodo is a great character--sure, Sam was super awesome but that doesn't mean people should forget what Frodo contributed to the quest! :D Can you tell I'm excited right now?! :)


    1. Yes!! I love Frodo. Frodo IS the main character in this series for me -- everything is on him -- and if I don't love the main character, I may enjoy a movie/series/book/whatever, but I won't love it with all my heart, as I do this series. I would love to be like Frodo, with that degree of determination, that ability to trust and believe even in someone like Gollum, to keep going no matter what. Every character has their place in this series, but Frodo is the one I admire the most.