Thursday, March 30, 2017

Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Caught this one opening weekend.  Lovely movie, great cast!  I have nothing bad to say about it, but, it's just... not my cup of tea.  I'd only seen the Disney animated film once, in the theater when it premiered back in 1991.  It wasn't a movie that appealed to me then, either, mostly because there's not one character in this movie I relate to or want to be.  (I've realized this is actually true of most Disney animated movies, so that may be why I appreciate these films, but never love them! Interesting!)  So it's very pretty, very well done with outstanding production values, and I suspect most people will love it.

The only things I truly loved about this movie were Luke Evans as Gaston and Kevin Kline as Maurice.  Now, they were both amazing and rocked their roles.  Luke Evans has the best voice of anyone in the movie.  If I ever saw this movie a second time, it would be just to watch their two performances.  Really really loved them both. 


  1. I agree Luke has the best voice -- can we all tell who here has had musical theatre training? Why yes, we can.

    Kevin Kline was very charming. The scene in the mad wagon between him and Belle was one of the best in the film, I thought. It was so cool to see him in something new!

    And I loved Ewan as Lumiere. He's like Bobby Darin in that I can hear him smile when he talks and sings, and I adore that.

    I guess this is one of those movies where I like the parts better than the whole.

    1. Ewan is always delightful, and his smile (in voice or looks) always makes me smile too. It's the most infectious grin. I so love that man!

    2. He has possibly the best, happiest smile ever.

    3. Yes, I think he does. Armie's right behind him, though.