Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I love writing!

So, I seem to have settled into an odd writing pattern over the past two weeks. Seems my new writing hours start around 9:30 at night. I get going somewhere approaching 9 pm, and by the time 9:30 rolls around, I'm going strong. 10-11 seems to be the most productive hour. But then, instead of going to bed at 11, like I should, if I intend to stay a useful constructive member of the workforce on weekdays... I keep writing. Somewhere between midnight and 1 am, I force myself to stop, back up the computer, and crawl into bed.

I suppose it's not all that unusual. I have always had problems writing during summer. I simply don't write well when it's light outside. I'm my most prolific during winter. In the dead of winter, I'm usually rolling by six, with several productive hours ahead of me. Once daylight savings time hits, once that sunlight keeps crawling on towards 8 and 9 pm, my writing goes to hell. So, this year, I seem to be countering the daylight shift by starting and writing later into the night, so I get my darkness. Unfortunately, that means my lunch break is turning into a desperate collapse-and-sleep-hour, cuz I'm not getting enough sleep at night any more. Upsides, downsides.

Whatever, I'm going like gangbusters right now. I jumped ahead in the novel last night -- need to let current chapter stew longer -- and got 18 and part of 19 done.

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