Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's the little things

Fourth best word count night since starting nano. First person is working out okay, and so far it's far better than third had been. Even got some other writing done on the side yesterday without impacting nano that much. I'm looking forward to the next couple nights of nano. There's a drunken brawl to write and a hate rally. Not to mention an unexpected reunion, an arrest, and then an unpleasant reunion. I can't hear the dialogue yet, but I can see the scenes, which means it should flow fairly easily.

Had a thought of perhaps telling one character's past story and one character's present story simultaneously, in alternating chapters. Not sure yet whether the second story is necessary or truly serves a purpose, but my brain is having fun playing with the contrast, the added suspense, plus having a way to do a slow reveal that's necessary for the ending. Will see how it plays out.

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